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Community Project Board meeting minutes - November 4th

Thursday 07 November 2013 8:04:04 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 40th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

#40 Nov. 4th, 20:00 CEST

Present: Nicolas, Greg, Gaetano, Gilles, Robin, and André


Catch-up open tasks

4 vs. 5 spreadsheet

Jira issue: CPB-5 

Update: issue blocked

Update: availabilities on both Engineering's and Gilles' sides were very busy --> not done yet.

Action[Nicolas]: speak with Andre to take-over the task. Idea: quick prep call, and then Gilles can move to Lyon for a physical meeting with the guys.


Discussion with Andre + Jérôme + Gilles. All agreeing in principle on furthering this spreadsheet.

Idea: extend the discussion to other community members, via a face-to-face meetup OR virtual meetings / hang-outs.

Gilles: conclude with Andre about the opportunity or not the let the engineering spend more time to fill the spreadsheet. Option 2 : do it with jerome outside the job time. In all case, a meetup is expected @ lyon to extend the topic with other community members, helps to focus on important features to explain

API doc page

Update: ( fully functional. Github-based development on the interface of is now functioning, pull-requests expected from Joe.

gg: the phpdocumentor2 documentation tool has progressed to the point where it can reliably generate doc sets for eZ (both legacy and new stack) again. The only drawback is that the docs it generates take up a lot of space.

A test set of docs has been generated for trunk, and the link shared with the CPB.

Q: shall we add docs generated via phpdocumentor2 to the current set (or replace existing doc sets?)

Action[Gilles, Andre, Gaetano]: check out the status of documentation and come back with a suggestion on which tools to keep or drop

2013.11 build

Build date not set yet.

Nico and his team will be busy on the 5.2 campaign, which might interfere with having enough time for doing the campaign-part of a CP release. Note : this part of the build could be probably taken up by someone without access to ez systems internal network (to be verified).

Tentative dates: GG+Nico week starting nov 11 or GG+Gilles

Frequency of CP build

Proposal to go for every second month instead of every month was voted with unanimity in favor during last meeting.

Action [Nicolas/Andre]: prepare a short blog post to explain this.

2013.11 would be the start of this new pace. Final round of internal feedback (eZ) appreciated before going public.

Mentoring / Diff Squad (was: “Robin”)

Ref CPB-4 (Grow the eZ Diff Squad)


Sept. 30th: Robin analyzed the contribution and reviewing patterns.

Nov. 4th: e-mail sent to list on Oct 15th, waiting for an answer. Andre to get back to Robin on this point.

Action[Robin/Andre]: Robin taking the next steps in getting the Diff Squad back on board.

References Sites catalog (was: “Gilles”)

(Moved to next meeting, 10/21/13)

Gilles: having a catalogue of sites built on Community version would be a boon

[gg] hand-curated catalogs take a lot of time

[gg] inviting partners to submit to this is easy, but sites managed by customers will most likely not submit by themselves as they see little value / have little time

[Joe] taking existing info from partner data and laying it out on a new page could be a good 1st step

Next step: make it a task :-)

Update: (discussions on this meeting):

  • Missing a "positioning statement" (telling what eZ Publish is - ex: Symfony description). The place where the positioning statement, we could lead to a very visual references page (ex: Varnish, Blend).
  • ( not found in

Decision: Principle decision to engage in:

  • Creating a place (tbd) where we present what eZ Publish is to the community, in a very synthetic way,
  • Creating a logo wall ( / portfolio / "who relies on" / ) showcase page where partners can submit sites built using eZ Publish. Edge-case: great brands known to use eZ Publish: contacted by eZ (Online Marketing team) to ask for authorization to publicize.
  • Optional: these new pages could be translated.


Action[Joe]: submit a first wireframe for inspiration to the board.

Action[Greg/Nicolas]: Come-up with a succinct way to describe eZ Publish

New topics in this meeting


gg: is back to life, gathering analytics for web traffic for and

NB: historical data is gone - GoogleAnalytics has it though, in case an overview is needed (Nico has access)

Periodic site-traffic mails from piwik are sent to the CPB.

Q1: is the format of mails ok? A: ok

Q2: does everyone have password/access? A: now yes

Next meeting

Dec 2nd 20:00 CET

Adding QA reports to code builds

gg: one way to boost community participation would be to give free access to a "build server" to each user in the ez community. Using the ezextensionbuilder extension it is possible to run QA checks and reports on any Legacy extension.

Step 1: enable the reports on the code of eZ repositories, as part of the daily-build task

Step 2: allow users of to configure their github projects to be able to send a ping to the “ez build server” to get reports generated for them

note by Andre: eZ Engineering is moving towards similar solution, but based on pure usage of external services (travis, coveralls, scrutinizer-ci, ...). It might be enough to give users such templates

Status of CP build tools / processes

(open talk)


Gilles: could we introduce something like to the eZ community?

André: Also interested to look at the organization here, not for eZ devs, but for community devs. It would be possible to get eZ to put some money into this, and I guess many partners would be interested as well if they can have a say in what is developed/direction/feedback.

Gaetano: we just need to make sure the dynamics are better than what was attempted already by eZ Systems a few years ago

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