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Community Project Board meeting minutes - Oct. 24th

Thursday 27 October 2011 9:46:24 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 11th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Event planner

Done. Thanks to hard work from Gilles and preparations by Steven.
Will be launched this week (according to plan) - twitter block missing but not considered a blocker.
Tasks for the second round of development (after launch) :
Gilles : Twitter block on the event full view


Action [All] do more
New slide sets available (from Nico):

gg: it would be a good thing to have a dedicated page on to put links to all available slide sets
nfrp: ok - let’s write is down in the issue tracker
[done: #018833]

Build automation

Action [Ole Marius/Nicolas] : Discuss the feasibility of creating an CI/Build repository, dedicated to Community Project + tagging of builds on github.

oms: Discussed, but further discussion needed to figure out how, where to host and how to do this.

Action [Ole Marius/Nicolas] : Need to test-drive the php script replacing the ruby script building the changelog : iso-functional or not ?

Extensions included in the builds

Blog post launched. Waiting for feedback from community.

Target: 2011.11. Deadline for the decisions: two weeks before the build. Starting with eztags, possibly up to 3

Action [ALL] :

  • Twitter (tags : #ezcommunity #ezpublish #opensource #oss #innovation) + aftershocks
  • Google+
  • Skype statuses
  • [done] Main story on the home page of
  • IRC #ezpublish : push it there
  • Link-back from other blogs (gilles, in french ?)

Action [Ole Marius/Nicolas] : Knowledge transfer on how the extensions are built today using the current CI infrastructure

oms: (In addition to extensions) We have looked into new approach for bundling packages and extensions, and will investigate this further, e.g. bundled packages above downloaded packages for simplicity.

Coding standards

RFC in progress, a few more weeks before final publication. 15 comments so far on the RFC. (

Note : this won't be finalized until mid-november. Actions resuming on this then.
Help needed :

  • Peer-reviews
  • IDE plug-ins : Eclipse, Vim, Emacs, PHPEdit, PHPStorm, NetBeans, and 10 more... (php world). Holy grail: an online editor ;-)
  • rules for style checker tools

Ideal pull request

Pull-requests fixing more than 1 issue at a time can use the commit message format described here :
For larger pull-requests, join an explanation. Possible ways of documenting the feature :

  • in the pull-request description. The review team can take the liberty (with upfront request) to enhance the description in the pull-request.
  • have a dedicated feature-description file under doc/features/??/<feature-name>.txt

Ole Marius prepared a wiki page, based on the tutorial's contents. The idea is to strip it down to a series of command-lines examples. On top, the "ideal pull-request" description can be added there. Example :

Issue when writing the release notes : how can we present the new things on a catchy way ?
The "ideal pull request" should contain a description of any mid-size to large feature, helping write cool release notes.

Action [Nicolas/Robin] : Write the ideal pull-request document, publish it, and link it from the get-involved/develop page. Inspiration text :
Final location : wiki on eZ Publish's github repository. Tip : rather start from scratch, KISS.

Action [Robin {helped by Nicolas}] : Need to update the tutorial about git/github (or provide  a new one): explain how to install eZ Publish from a Github fork.

Mission statement

oms: improving visual layout (typography) could also have a positive effect - eg. have more whitespace between the paragraphs

Action [Gilles]: Sketch out revised layout for Develop page to draw more attention to the development resources.

Open eZ Doc

Geir Arne is ok on the principle. Tagging the doc contents per version should be working (PHP example. Open-doc idea accepted too by Geir Arne. Need for a dev resource to make this happen.

Action [Nicolas / Ole Marius] : ask Geir Arne to produce his view on these (wireframes, functional description, concrete) two points : tagging + user generated content.
Deadline : loose, Geir Arne on holiday.

Versions map between EE / CP

Action [Gaetano]: Create visual timeline mapping builds between Enterprise and Community editions. example :
Deadline : should be online by next meeting.

Action []: Add visual map on the main Downloads page.
Deadline : once previous task is completed.

Distribution of eZ CP

Microsoft Web installer : Robin actually tested it on a vista machine, found some quirks (minor?)

Action [Robin + Ole Marius] :

Action [Gaetano] :

  • Make a screencast : "As a windows user knowing eZ Publish, how can i use Web Matrix ?"

Next steps : after more feedback from the eZ Community :

Action [Gaetano] : update on the feasibility/conditions of bundling eZP along with the Postgresql installer
Deadline : postponed sine die - low priority task

Misc infrastructure advances

  • Action [Nicolas] get a new logo available for docblox homepage
  • Action [Gaetano] : get them to change the logo on the homepage

Next build : 2011.10

Action [Ole Marius / Nicolas][done] : continue as far as possible. Hand-over / finalization with Nicolas before Thursday 27th.

Gilles will train on the build system, helped by Gaetano/Nicolas. He will then be ready for 2011.11.

Organizational considerations (to be developed next meeting)

Agile organization, issue tracker/PM to set-up (Redmine).

Next meeting

Nov. 14th 20:00 GMT+2 (CEST).

Proposed list of topics:

  • updates to pubsvn server
  • tool for managing tasks of the cpb. Gilles proposes Redmine
  • management of topics for cpb meetings
  • cpb workflows: discussing things via mail in between meetings (ie: during rest of the month) to keep meetings short and to the point
  • cpb workflows: involving more community members in task execution to speed up execution (subcontracting)
  • managing accounts for the cpb on tools/sites: a community one or per-person accounts?
  • management of “abandoned” projects on (takeover requests, removal of projects with no svn activity and and no downloads available, etc...)
  • preparing guidelines / tutorials to help wannabe developers for (including eg. databases with sample contents)
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