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Community Project Board meeting minutes - October 30th

Friday 02 November 2012 8:11:10 am

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Here are the minutes of the 28th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Oct. 30th, 20:00 CET
Present: Robin, Greg, Gilles, Gaetano

This meeting

Action updates

Gilles: started working on spreadsheet comparing features of eZP4 and eZP5.
Not yet finished

Robin - quite detailed, nice;
Greg - [can not check it from iphone];
Gaetano - good

Next steps: [all] fill in the spreadsheet; turning it into something for is going to be possible only at later time

Joint CPB forum reply on the topic of "sharing-back"
The discussion is still ongoing but there seems to be a consensus building.
Everybody agrees an official CPB response is not needed
Next steps: -

“Most-important extensions” topic

 Engineering is expected to prioritize development of extension support based on the survey results. Feedback should be incorporated into the spreadsheet from Gilles.

Next steps:
[Robin] publish blog post with poll results
[Bertrand/Jerome] try to fill in data in the spreadsheet with time estimates
No update on the mega-advent-calendar
Tutorial on module+view not yet ready but should be done by end of the week

New actions

[Gaetano] Build 2012:10 - tentative date thursday
[everyone - postponed to next meeting]: Until next meeting, come-up with the prioritized top-3 list of tasks for the remaining 20%
[everyone - postponed to next meeting]: Set-up the 1st chunk of documentation to be written, based on the survey results - note: this is detailed docs for the top-5 type extensions

Next meeting

Tentative date: Tuesday, November 20th 20:00 CET.

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