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Community Project Board meeting minutes - September 18th

Thursday 20 September 2012 9:55:53 am

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Here are the minutes of the 26th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

September. 18th, 20:00 CEST
Present: Greg, Robin, Nicolas, Gaetano, Bertrand

Updates from last meeting's actions


  • Action [Bertrand]: Start designing the short (1 question) polls for's homepage, about eZ Publish 5,
    Ex: "How do you feel about eZ Publish 5?"
    1. Over excited, I have emailed my entire family about it
    2. What’s up with eZ Publish 5 ?
    3. I don’t really care
    4. Scared to death

      Update: still pending
      Update 2: what about this one ?

  • Action [Robin / Greg] : Determine which are the top 5 extension types used in enterprise or community installations by talking with developers, checking analytics, surveys--whatever it takes.
    Possible examples:
      - Create material (polls, surveys, others) to talk to extension developers and get an idea of the top 5 types of extension used in real-life.
      - Align eZP5 development on this ranking.
    Update: successfully launched, 61 answers so far.
    Decision: We close the survey since we have received a representative amount of replies, and we transfer this over to Product Management and eZ Engineering.
    Action[Robin]: extract results (CSV or Excel) + summary of answers (Charts from GDocs) and transfer to Bertrand.
    Action[Bertrand]: transfer to PM + Engineering
    Action[Robin+Bertrand]: publish blog post about the results, the fact that they have been transferred to eZ, and we invite to comment
  • CP releases: 2012.8 built and released on Sept. 3rd. At least 1 bug found by community users with the refactored kernel (related to symlink usage for shared dev servers). 5.0 Enterprise version Beta should be out by next week, and SummerCamp has passed by, which means we should build version 5 as well.
    Action[Gaetano/Bertrand]: build first “version 5” CP, end of next week (Friday Sept 28th latest).


    • need to communicate in advance to users the date when we stop building standalone version4
    • naming: if 2 versions are built, appropriate naming has to be chosen - rename version 4 to “legacy stack” ?
    • time needed to build two versions instead of one
    • alternatives: either build both versions for a few more months or build only version5 starting now and provide clear instructions on how to extract the version4 kernel from within it
    • optionally: to shave off a few megs in the tarball, do not bundle all components (Sf etc but let composer handle it). Drawback: a new installation step is added compared to historical habit
      Decision: We build ( 2012.9 ) as an eZ Publish 5 only build of eZ Publish Community Project and provide clear explanations on how to extract 4.x from it. If complaints from the community about the size of the tarballs, we take actions to reduce its size (relying more on composer for instance). If very strong complaints, we could reconsider separate 4.x builds.

Next steps


  • September release of eZ Publish 5,
  • "Creating one's own custom module, with a template" tutorial written by Greg & Brandon, helped by Jérôme and Nicolas, to be shipped at the same time as the september release of eZ Publish 5,
  • Action[Gaetano]: Explain the concept/idea of the "Mega eZ Publish 5 advent calendar" to the Community,
  • Action[Greg/Bertrand]: Big & clear communication ( blog post ) towards the community: 2012.9 will be the first eZ Publish 5 Community Project build, easily extractable 4.x version. So when will you get to use eZ Publish 5? Next week! But do you have to use it (and Symfony)? No, just extract 4--and you can keep it that way for months, probably years. And if you want to learn Symfony: join the first eZ Community UnConference and the 1-day Symfony training on Friday Oct 19th. Address lifecycle of existing versions, and what isn't ready in eZ Publish 5.
  • Action[tbd]: Set-up the 1st chunk of documentation to be written, based on the survey results,
  • Action[everyone - postponed to next meeting]: Until next meeting, come-up with the prioritized top-3 list of tasks for the remaining 20%.

The upgrade dictionary - first sketch

moved to
along with the seed of a CookBook document: 

Next meeting

Tentative date: October 9th, 20 CET.

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