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Community Project Board meeting minutes - September 30th

Monday 30 September 2013 9:47:27 pm

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Here are the minutes of the 39th Community Project Board meeting. Our previous minutes can be found here.

#39 Sept. 30th, 20:00 CEST

Present: Nicolas, Gilles, Robin, André, Greg, Joe

This meeting


Catch-up open tasks

4 vs. 5 spreadsheet

Jira issue: CPB-5

Update: issue blocked

Update: availabilities on both Engineering's and Gilles' sides were very busy --> not done yet.

Action[Nicolas]: speak with Andre to take-over the task. Idea: quick prep call, and then Gilles can move to Lyon for a physical meeting with the guys.


Proposed date for a prep call: October 14th. Andre sending an invitation for Gilles Jérôme and himself.

API doc page


Crash of caused and were impacted. now up & running again, thanks to Gaetano, Patrick and Andre.

Last time:

New design by Joe available at, open to pull-requests.

Jira issue: CPB-8


Joe now back on the deck, will be able to make some progress on this.

2013.09 build

Frequency of CP build

Proposal to go for every second month instead of every month.


  • One requirement is to align with EE beta releases.
  • Communication explaining the why, and the benefits for community users, how composer will benefit even more in the future.

Vote: Unanimity in favor.

Action[Nicolas/Andre]: prepare a short blog post to explain this.

2013.09 would be the start of this new pace.


Ref CPB-4 (Grow the eZ Diff Squad)


Robin analyzed the contribution and reviewing patterns.

Action[Robin/Andre]: Robin taking the next steps in getting the Diff Squad back on board.


(Moved to next meeting, 10/21/13)

Having a catalogue of sites built on Community version would be a boon

[gg] hand-curated catalogs take a lot of time

[gg] inviting partners to submit to this is easy, but sites managed by customers will most likely not submit by themselves as they see little value / have little time

[Joe] taking existing info from partner data and laying it out on a new page could be a good 1st step

Next step: make it a task :-)

Update: (discussions on this meeting):

  • Missing a "positioning statement" (telling what eZ Publish is - ex: Symfony description). The place where the positioning statement, we could lead to a very visual references page (ex: Varnish, Blend).
  • ( not found in

Decision: Principle decision to engage in:

  • Creating a place (tbd) where we present what eZ Publish is to the community, in a very synthetic way,
  • Creating a logo wall ( / portfolio / "who relies on" / ) showcase page where partners can submit sites built using eZ Publish. Edge-case: great brands known to use eZ Publish: contacted by eZ (Online Marketing team) to ask for authorization to publicize.
  • Optional: these new pages could be translated.


Action[Joe]: submit a first wireframe for inspiration to the board.

Action[Greg/Nicolas]: Come-up with a succinct way to describe eZ Publish

Next meeting

Mon. Oct 21st - 20:00 CEST.

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