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Draft, updated governance framework

Thursday 03 December 2015 6:41:39 pm

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With this post, the eZ Community Board presents an updated governance framework. With all changes happening within our community, such as incorporating Symfony, and the transition from eZ Publish to eZ Platform, changes to the governance framework were needed to adapt the Board and the governance of the community to this new situation.

If you have any feedback on this update, please let us know through a comment below, or through our contact form. The Board's next meeting will take place on December 16, and we will discuss any feedback at that moment, and make the new governance framework final.


Governance  - Framework Document

This document describes the role of the eZ Community Board. This is a proposal for an update on the current Governance Framework document which can be found here.

The eZ Community Board is the evolution of the eZ Publish Community Project Board. The new name is due to the change in the project by eZ, where the eZ Publish name is being replaced by eZ Platform.


The goal of the eZ Community Board is to govern and coordinate community-driven activities related to eZ Platform and to other open source projects from eZ Systems and/or other members in the eZ community as well as to promote and help grow the community.


  • Coordinate and nurture different groups of people in the eZ community. In the case where different community members express their interest in contributing to a specific area of the community, the eZ Community board will connect those members together and provide support to help organize the working group and setup proper relationship with eZ Systems (potentially adding an eZ Systems and/or eZ Community board representative to the group) [1]
  • Gather and communicate feedback to eZ Systems from the community in regards to eZ activities in general and the eZ roadmap in particular. [2]
  • Participate in the choices, definitions and decisions of community-related activities funded by eZ Systems and other organizations willing to invest in developing the community. [3]
  • Recruit board members and define board composition. [4]
  • Synchronize with the Symfony community [5]
  • Maintain eZ community values: make sure the project maintains a set of core values (openness, innovation) [6]

Above all, the board has the responsibility to create and maintain guidelines and processes, and get eZ Systems to provide resources to accomplish these responsibilities.

The board has no responsibility beside that. It can then be qualified as “advisory” body. In particular, the board is not in charge of producing any specific work besides the activity above. If any other piece of work was identified as necessary (example: conducting a survey, developing a tool), this should be done within and by a dedicated working group and not necessarily by the board itself.

Board composition

The board is an open group of people, in number. A minimum of five permanent elected members is needed to have the board function well during a board meeting (no decision should be taken with fewer participants):

  • Two eZ Systems representatives
  • Two other representatives
  • The chair of the board who has to be an eZ Systems participant and has to be part of all decisions.

In case of more than five persons participating, the only rule to follow is, in case of decisions, to have as many eZ Systems as non eZ Systems members participating in the decision - excluding the chair of the board.

The board is open and can welcome new members participating to board meetings at any time, under the only condition that new members are decided and accepted by the board itself. New members can be occasional or permanent. In some cases, the board can invite someone to participate in one or more board meetings, to provide feedback and/or knowledge on a specific topic. These temporary participants do not have voting rights.

  • The board decides on a chairman, and eZ Systems has a right of veto to be expressed by eZ representatives on the board
  • The term for the Chair and board is one year; every year the board votes for a new composition and chair, following an open process, inviting the community to nominate new candidates. The invitation period is decided for each individual renewal.

Decision/vote system

A majority (more than 50% vote) vote will be used for Board decisions. Having an even number of members ensures a balance between community members and eZ Systems employees.

Interactions between this Board and the Ecosystem

A transparent interaction between the community board and the rest of the community is key. It should happen both ways. To support transparency and interaction, two new roles have been (re-) introduced, being the role of Community Manager, and Developer Advocate.

The board members, as ambassadors of eZ towards the Community, should participate in the community's life. This can take the form of presence at events or talks. It is also very likely that the board as an entity, and/or individual board members will maintain blogs, enacting openness and transparency on a daily basis. That is for the outbound way.

The other way around, it should be straight-forward to get in touch with the board to send requests, make remarks, propose enhancements to processes, etc. An email list as well as a dedicated forum will be used for that purpose.


[ 1]: Examples: Connect people interested in working on new translations for a region, making releases, development, documentation, a download archive, verifying issues and coaching/reviewing on pull requests and so on.

[ 2]: Example: the eZ Community Board  gets access to early and direct information in regards to eZ strategy, vision and roadmap and is able to provide direct feedback regarding those and regarding any aspects of eZ activities that can impact the community.

[ 3]: Example: eZ Systems is looking to organize or sponsor e.g. encourage an event. eZ Systems marketing will synchronize with the community board on topics such as location, time, and more. The Community board will be instrumental in the decision process of how eZ Systems community-related marketing budget should be invested.

[ 4]: Example: the naming of the board’s chair and adding of new members will be voted by the community board.

[ 5]: Example: organize joint community activities, invite key Symfony people to eZ events, periodic contact by Community Manager and Developer Advocate with similar roles in the Symfony community.

[ 6]: Example: react and raise attention to any behavior within the eZ community which would go against the values of Openness and Innovation.

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