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eZ Community Board meeting, April 19, 2017

Sunday 23 April 2017 9:22:30 am

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  April 19, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Bertrand, Sylvain, Ivo, Sebastien, Donat (Excused: Carlos, Jani)


Open meeting


  • Agenda for today’s meeting: finalize board renewal
    • Welcome and introduction Donat Fritschy
    • Access for old/new members to: google docs, mail list, slack channel
    • Vote for Chair of the board
  • Determine our agenda for the next 3 months

Topics to be added to agenda?

  • -

Next meeting

  • Wednesday May 3, 17:00 CET.

1 - Board renewal


Short introduction by Donat.

Robin to call Carlos privately to thank him for his term on the board (as Carlos could not make this meeting).

Robin to check on Google doc access and check with Sylvain if I do not have enough access. Also check the Slack channel for the community board. Sylvain to take care of the mailing list, remove Carlos and add Donat.

Unanimously chosen Robin for Chair of the board.

Topics for the next 3 months: Donat; eZ Platform and Legacy (2). Question if Legacy Bridge would be supported on eZ Platform 1, or also on V2. Invite André Römcke for the next meeting to discuss this topic. Improve community sites (3 and 5). Donat; specific to Slack, which is closed. Educate community members where to put questions etc to preserve knowledge. Ivo; decide on using a forum and/or Q&A. Ownership of content on stack overflow? Bertrand notes you can query Slack: Also referred to by Bertrand in the chat: (this relates to a FAQ / Q&A).

Robin to discuss these topics with Roland during his weekly sync.

2 - eZ Platform - Legacy

Status: for next meeting

3 - Status/improvement

Status: for next meeting

5 - On-boarding new community members

Status: for next meeting

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