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eZ Community Board meeting, February 22, 2017

Friday 03 March 2017 10:36:35 am

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  February 22, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Sylvain, Bertrand, Sebastien (Excused: Jani, Ivo, Carlos)


Open meeting


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Next meeting

  • TBD during the meeting: 2 weeks from now at 17:00 CET.

1 - Board renewal

Board renewal March 2017 and the draft governance document was announced as final in the blog where the new board was announced march 2016.


As a board, we follow the Governance Framework, which was updated a year ago. You can find it at I advise you to read this, as it has some important information as our goals, responsibilities, and also information about the board composition and election of the Chair.


Each Community Board serves a term of one year. As the current board was announced early March last year, we start the process of renewal through this e-mail. Some visible steps in the renewal process:

1, we announce the renewal in a blog, asking the community for nominations

2, we keep the nomination period open for 2 weeks

3, in the community board meeting following those 2 weeks we vote for a new composition of the board, and also a Chair.

4, we announce the new board through a blog post.

Some important facts:

- we need at least 2 members from eZ Systems, and 2 from the community

- the Community Manager will also take part in the board

- the current board votes in the nominated members from the community

- current eZ Systems members remain unless replaced internally (representing Engineering, Professional Services, and Product Marketing)

- current non-eZ board members can nominate themselves for a new term

- each current member of the board votes a +1 or 0 for each nominee

- we count all votes to come to the new composition of the board

Minutes: Jani, Sylvain, Bertrand will remain on the board representing eZ Systems. Action: Robin to post the blog announcing board renewal and ask for nominations directly, or as soon as possible, after this meeting.

2 - eZ Platform - Legacy

Status: for next meeting

3 - Status/improvement

Status: for next meeting

4 - Translation / internationalization

Status: for next meeting

5 - On-boarding new community members

Status: for next meeting

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