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eZ Community Board meeting, February 8, 2017

Sunday 12 February 2017 2:07:37 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  February 8, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.


Present: Robin, Jani, Carlos, Sebastien, Sylvain (Excused: Bertrand, Ivo )


Open meeting


Topics to be added to agenda?

  • No

Next meeting

  • TBD during the meeting, Wed 22nd 19:00 CET.

1 - eZ Platform - Legacy

Status: Robin had a call last week with Edi and Carlos. Carlos changed jobs, leaving him short of time. Suggested: look for another person to coordinate this effort. Edi has doubts on a config/script like solution, he is currently trying Carlos his earlier work, and see if he can get this running. Robin will inform volunteers.

Minutes: Sebastien installs eZ Platform and then follows He does not run the LegacyBridge setup wizard, which is not recommended by Edi. Siteaccess needs to be configured manually. Sebastien will write down his process, and will share it with Robin. Robin will check with Edi and others, and how to proceed.

2 - Status/improvement

Status: Robin has had two calls with Sylvain and David Liedle about strategy, for example where to post community board blogs etc. is now ready to be used for such blogs. Changes still to be made (by Robin and other).

Minutes: status shared

3 - Translation / internationalization

Status: internationalization has started. See Doc can be found here and we have a dedicated Slack channel

Minutes: Sylvain: lot of progress, also on in-context translation. Languages which are complete or almost complete. Also a work in progress at Engineering. Sarah from the doc team has created a glossary. Sylvain will send the link to the glossary ( ).

4 - On-boarding new community members

Status: Robin has put together a short survey, almost ready selecting 7 to 10 new members, and send out the questions.

Minutes: status shared

5 - Board renewal

Robin: look into process, share on our list to define further steps to start renewal (due March 2017). Question in the e-mail; ask every board member for feedback on this board term, if we should change how the board ‘works’. Focus more on governance?

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