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eZ Community Board meeting, July 12, 2017

Monday 07 August 2017 8:16:31 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  July 12, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Ivo, Donat (Excused: Sylvain, Bertrand, Jani, Sébastien )


Open meeting


  • Jetbrains Phpstorm license renewal (expires Aug 6th)
  • Community Metrics dashboard, mail sent to the board members

Topics to be added to agenda?

  • -

Next meeting

  • 2 weeks from now, same time

1 - eZ Platform - Legacy - Admin UI


  • Open source Admin-UI on a Github organization > Netgen
  • Set up the initial crew of maintainers and taggers of the eZ Publish legacy kernel community edition
  • Agree on a place where documentation will live for these efforts
  • Agree on release process and communication channels

Status: Robin to contact Bertrand and Sylvain who can be the initial contact from eZ/Engineering to start this action (open up repo, provide access etc). > Sylvain can set this up

Documentation: on and on GitHub (markdown file with instructions). Composer used to manage versions/tags. Communication through a blog post.

Minutes: Ivo suggests we tag from now on, no need to tag in history on the repository. Ivo suggests Edi. Donat could be the backup. Double check with Bertrand if he wants to do the official tagging.

> Decide on maintainers / taggers

2 - Status/improvement

Status: discussing moving away from Slack, to Forum and/or stackoverflow.

Discussing stack overflow. Important: tags and synonyms, should point to the same ‘place’. Donat shared Domain also valuable for SEO, findability of issues etc.

Robin: to check with Roland about branding. Would this be a problem to move to Stackoverflow (SO is one of the options, along with a new forum)? Robin checks branding options.


Discussed status (below points). The board (those in the meeting) still agree on a forum as solution. Integration of the forum with Slack and Stackoverflow is important to have.

> Branding stackoverflow; tags/synonyms rely on reputation. No branding possible.

> Roland prefers a forum

> Sylvain to check with eZ Devs, time to build a forum on eZ Platform?

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