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eZ Community Board meeting, May 17, 2017

Saturday 24 June 2017 10:48:48 am

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting,  May 17, 2017. Our previous minutes can be found here.


Present: Robin, Sylvain, Roland, Ivo, Sebastien, Donat, Doug Plant, Peter Keung (Excused: Bertrand, Jani )


Doug Plant and Peter Keung from Mugo web contacted the eZ Community Board on May 8th with the request to discuss the topic of ‘Netgen Admin UI’. They had been in discussions with both Ivo (Netgen) and Roland (eZ Systems) before this request.

To honour this request, the Community Board invited Doug, Peter and also Roland to the meeting held on May 17 to discuss this topic.


During the meeting (through Skype) the following has been discussed.

Peter explains the idea to release a new version of eZ Publish which would be made of  Netgen Admin UI and eZ Publish 5.x that could facilitate a migration path for customers/users. Peter and Doug have the following questions: what the support would be from eZ Systems, communication, and marketing of such a solution.

Roland: eZ could and would support this to customers if available as an open source solution  like eZ can support other contributions to the software, especially if Netgen would provide support resources that eZ could hire on demand. So the main condition would be for the package to be available through a repository open to the community.

Ivo: initially named this as eZ Publish 5.5 but also explains that Admin UI could be delivered as a standalone bundle in an enterprise and community release. What is underneath is the legacy kernel, this requires tagging as today there are conflicting forks. eZ Publish 5.5 could be eZ Platform with LegacyBridge, Legacy Kernel and the Admin UI from Netgen. It could also be that we don’t need a 5.5 release.

The Community Board discusses the several options, and also the work started by the Board, which is a combination of eZ Platform and LegacyBridge. We all agree that we should not create a separate release, with yet another name. Roland also clarifies that for this same reason, eZ will not release a eZ Publish 5.5. The outcome of this meeting to still come to a solution suggested by Mugo Web, is to continue the path the Community Board has taken. We look at LegacyBridge and Netgen’s Admin UI as separate components. eZ Systems provides support to enterprise customers, who will use these components on top of eZ Publish 5.4 or eZ Platform.

Requirements to achieve this goal: Legacy-kernel versioning/tagging for and by community. eZ Systems can grant access to a list of maintainers who would tag the Legacy-kernel. Legacy-kernel, LegacyBridge and Admin-UI would be in repositories open to the community, with maintainers from the community. ‘Releases’ would be documented and communicated, where it is clear which exact versions of components are supported. For now the Admin-UI lives in Netgen Github organization. Roland mentioned that not only it should be open sourced but it would be better, if we want to convey a sense of Admin-UI to be an officially supported solution, to have it under either eZ Systems or eZ Community Github organizations. Peter and Doug agree to that.

Peter: communication and the message to enterprise customers is important. So it is clear this path is supported by eZ Systems.

Peter: how to coordinate improvement on the Netgen Admin UI? Netgen’s view: accept contributions. Netgen intends to open source its Admin UI very soon.

Next steps

As discussed during the meeting, the Community Board will govern these combined efforts. The Board will act as liaison between all parties such as community, partners, eZ Systems. The Board will also appoint maintainers to the repositories to be opened up.

A few actions that need to be followed up to start this work:

  • Open source Admin-UI on a Github organization to be defined (eZ Systems, eZ community or Netgen are the three options discussed)
  • Set up the initial crew of maintainers and taggers of the eZ Publish legacy kernel community edition
  • Agree on a place where documentation will live for these efforts
  • Agree on release process and communication channels
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