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eZ Community Board meeting minutes - April 19, 2016

Monday 25 April 2016 1:34:12 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, April 19, 2016. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Bertrand, Sylvain, Carlos, Sébastien (Excused: Jani, Ivo)


Open meeting


Topics to be added to agenda?

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Next meeting

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1 - Another community release

Another community release: Blog by Ivo, Update on feedback, and which actions can we set?

Feedback we have so far is:

Voter Option 1 Option 2
Bertrand Dunogier   X
Douglas Hammond   X
Brandon Pike   X
Björn Köster   X
Carlos Revillo   X
Roland Benedetti X  
Peter Keung   X
Pierandrea Della Putta   X
Jani Tarvainen   X
Ivo Lukac   X
Reinhard Hutter   X
Ekkehard Dorre    
Edi Modric   X
Donat Fritschy   X
Luca Realdi   X
Georg Franz    
Summary 1 13


Minutes: actions: repository, draft blog post announcing #2, name eZ Platform - Legacy (add to blog draft, in the meantime add a temp name on repo), release based on Carlos work/configuration > draft document.

2 Opening up contributions

Opening up contributions (to eZ Platform and community release): How, what, who?

Minutes: Opening up = facilitating, making it easy to contribute. Not extend permissions on eZ Platform repo.Sebastien: how to test before pull requests? Are there any tests/docs for this? Carlos; in ez kernell, you find info/doc on testing. Robin; where to add such a doc? Preference is official doc site. (Carlos) Could be good to add a document on how you setup travis for your own fork…

Share by Bertrand:

3 Community platform

Community platform; share, projects, what can we simplify/change?

Minutes: Sylvain is setting up share on a local machine, then picking up cleaning the platform. Removing Partners is the first action.

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