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eZ Community Board meeting minutes - August 18, 2015

Sunday 30 August 2015 1:43:43 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, August 18 2015. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Roland, André, Greg (Excused: Bertrand, Joe, Gilles, Gaetano)


Previous minutes:


Open meeting

Topics to be added to agenda?


Governance document, renewal board

Where are we, what is left to do on the document to get it published?

Minutes: (Action, Robin: work through comments, work on next iteration, publish on the eZ board mailing list). We take the renewal of the board, after the eZ Summer camp. Robin to present this in his talk, at eZ Summer camp.

Slack, and redesign share.ez.no


Ivo has started ezcommunity.slack.com, how does this fit in our discussions, redesigning/simplifying share.ez.no?

Minutes: discussing in general all discussion platforms we have: IRC, Slack, Gitter, stack overflow. Roland asks if we should update/close the IRC channel. Greg’s suggestion is to update the heading, to point to Slack. Robin to discuss this topic on eZ Summer camp as well, to see how those members look at this. Redesign to discuss on the board, after presenting this topic at the eZ Summer camp.

ez.no/blog, contributions by community

This involves a redesign of ez.no/blog, and community members to feature on the new blog. Roland to explain details.

Minutes: Greg has no issues, moving blogs to ez.no. Robin; makes sense, in relation to redesign/simplify share.ez.no. Roland shows improved navigation for the ez.no/blog. No strong vote against moving blogs to ez.no. Robin will also discuss this topic at the Summer Camp.

(Note: redesign/simplify of share.ez.no is an open discussion within the board, it will be brought to the community first, before making major changes)

Next meeting  

  • Thursday, 3 weeks from now, Robin to send invites.
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