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eZ Community Board meeting minutes - June 3, 2015

Monday 15 June 2015 8:48:10 am

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, June 3 2015. Our previous minutes can be found here.


Present: Roland, André, Robin, Gilles, Sylvain, Bertrand, Greg (excused: Joe, Gaetano)

Open meeting

Topics to be added to agenda?

0. Discuss future of /

Notes: Sylvain, idea is to make it simple. This month, remove roadmap. Replace this with a view on Jira roadmap (filter to be setup on Jira). Discussion if we should simply add a link to Jira, or add a global view. Phased: 1, remove current roadmap, 2, add a link, 3, view on epic board (Jira). Next step is enhancing search (filter, eZ 4 or 5 topics). Next step, mobile/responsive design, earliest end of this year, or next year. This might depend on updating eZ first.Badges/gamification also not working.
Further discussion, strip out all features except blogs? to stay in place as main communication channel to community. Forums etc to other platforms (stackoverflow), proven technology.
Question Greg: will partners remain on Sylvain: community members and partners will remain, business partners not. Greg questions visibility of business partners on share. General consensus is to keep partners visible on share.
Gilles: showcasing customers/brands, who are using the tool / eZ Platform.

Sylvain: clone current site on Github. Also a migration to Amazon, running on eZ Platform. Sylvain also coordinates communication with project owners. Will notify those using eZ’s SVN repository 6 months prior to migration of the need to move from SVN to Github (or at least Bitbucket). Tutorial for migrating SVN to Github will be provided.

Action: Roland will contact Robin about scheduling the next Community Board meeting.


(closed) Ivo - eZ Summer Camp

Notes: Robin will attend remote for a session on State of the Community, discuss new roles, status and plans of share and projects, and more. Bertrand will follow up with a round-table session.

2. (ongoing) mirror

Notes: see topic 0.

3. (ongoing) New role Bertrand

Notes: no update

4. (ongoing) Status new governance doc

Notes: new edits, sync with Symfony, Roland needs to check the document. No further updates.

5. Latest build

Question by Gaetano if community builds are still made. These are now one with eZ Platform. They are available at, latest build tagged as 0.7.0. Changes from previous => Tags in git do not follow anymore the release name. A bit more docs on might be useful (f:e: 2015.1 seems not to be listed).
Action: Topic to discussed in next meeting.

Next meeting  


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