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eZ Community Board meeting minutes, June 30, 2016

Monday 04 July 2016 10:00:59 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, June 30, 2016. Our previous minutes can be found here.


Present: Robin, Jani, Sylvain, Carlos, Sebastien, Ivo (excused: Bertrand)


Open meeting


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Topics to be added to agenda?

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Next meeting

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1 - eZ Platform - Legacy

Is the draft complete enough, on both the description of eZ Platform with Legacy, and “announcement”? It should be checked, on technical details, preferably by Bertrand.

Follow up actions:

  • The description to be added to doc.ez.no
  • Blog post on share about the legacy option


Minutes: Draft is okay with everyone. Action: Edi (Netgen) and Carlos to add a final paragraph what is missing / needs to be created by the community to come to a final solution. We can start publishing this, and let the community join in this final effort. Final question TBD: which repository to use (needs to be final before publications).

2 - Status/improvement share.ez.no

Topic for next meetings, how to simplify and/or improve share.ez.no. Sylvain explains some details on the new developer hub to be implemented on ezplatform.com. This was recently moved (back) to ez.no. The new developer platform will be open source, available as Docker container, making it easy and possible to contribute to.

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