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eZ Community Board meeting minutes - March 30, 2016

Sunday 03 April 2016 8:26:46 am

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, March 30, 2016. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Ivo, Jani, Sylvain, Bertrand, Sébastien


Open meeting


  • Carlos excused
  • Focus on topic 1, and discuss 2 and 3 if we have time

Topics to be added to agenda?

  • n/a

Next meeting

  • April 13 or 14, time TBD.

1 - Another community release

Another community release: Blog by Ivo, what feedback did we get? What option is favorite? When do we make a decision, and follow up with actions?

Feedback we have so far is:

Voter Option 1 Option 2
Bertrand Dunogier   X
Douglas Hammond   X
Brandon Pike   X
Björn Köster   X
Carlos Revillo   X
Roland Benedetti X  
Peter Keung   X
Pierandrea Della Putta   X
Jani Tarvainen   X
Ivo Lukac   X
Summary 1 9


Minutes: Ivo explaining both options. Open discussion on both options, what challenges option two brings. Breaking changes is one of the important challenges when maintaining option two.

Option 2 could be hosted on the eZ System repo’s. Option 1 could be moved to the eZ Community repo.

Option 2 needs a name: ezplatform-bridge could be an option. Sylvain to check with marketing what we should not use.

Discussion around support on Option 2: eZ Platform and kernel would the the same as for the official eZ Platform. Legacy and the bridge would be the part where “best effort” would apply.

Communication: important, which version to use when, for what. Clearly define all options (eZ Publish, eZ Platform, and the to be named option 2).

2 Opening up contributions

Opening up contributions (to eZ Platform and community release): How, what, who?

Minutes: topic skipped

3 Community platform

Community platform; share, projects, what can we simplify/change? I sent an email (Mar 19, summary previous meeting) to all, and Ivo gave the following response on this topic:

- remove several blocks from the homepage of which moslty talk about legacy stuff (like learn box)

- add an intro box to the homepage to explain the current situation in few words as possible, use some part of the get-involved page

- link from the intro box to 2 pages: ezpublish5 and ezplatform to go into details about each and link to certain pages

- remove get-involved page, it is very rarely visited

- remove roadmap page, explain it in on the ezplatform and link to jira

Minutes: topic skipped

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