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eZ Community Board meeting minutes - March 9, 2016

Saturday 19 March 2016 8:12:36 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, March 9, 2016. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Roland, Robin, Sylvain, André, Greg, Sébastien, Bertrand, Ivo, Carlos (excused: Gaetano, Joe, Gilles, Jani)


Open meeting

  • Welcome word by Roland (chair) for new members
  • Explain purpose of this meeting


  • Determine agenda for next meeting, post ahead of meeting on, so other community member can join (new open composition of the board).

Topics to be added to agenda?

  • Contributing to eZ Platform and eZ Publish
  • Electing the chair of the board
  • Possible new time to have our meetings  (IL: please not from 8-10pm CET)
  • Slack channel for community board ?

Next meeting

  • To be determined

Board renewal

Intro: actions to be taken by eZ IT for new and old members, see: on-boarding process. Besides introduction to members and the board itself, set topics for next agenda? Such as previously discussed, maintenance of eZ Legacy?

Minutes: Robin to take care of new members getting access to the above mentioned resource.

Contributing to eZ Platform and eZ Publish

Minutes: reminder regarding the new governance framework: . Roland also mentioning opening up contributions to eZ Publish and eZ Platform. André: we would need to discuss and define contributor and committer roles, also groups working on specific topics. Ivo; more important to first discuss direction, what and how to support, then look at opening up contributions. What is needed by partners/community?

Bertrand: Engineering could use help on setting priority, for example on bugs and enhancements, to determine what will be merged (joint responsibility). (As André mentioned, model this to how Symfony is doing this, as reviewers and deciders/voters).

Ivo: talking about the release Netgen currently makes available (legacy). Maintenance/responsibility of this release to be moved to the Community Board?

Roland: the Board should also focus on eZ Platform.

Carlos: As Roland says, actually what i feel is community is very focused on make platform works with OLD code. And that's normal, but what we actually need is to make eZ Platform grow.

Carlos raises an interesting questions: how, and what to contribute to eZ Platform? Bertrand mentions such contributions are growing.

Ivo: should the Board work on our community platform, as in share, docs etc, to improve/simplify? Roland agrees this is something for the Board, has been a topic of discussion before on the Board. Sylvain: we would need to think about a new content structure. What content relates to legacy, and eZ Platform?

Robin will summarize this discussion and send to all board members, so we can set priorities and the next agenda.

Electing the chair of the board

Robin nominated himself, voted in as chair, gets one vote.

Possible new time for our meetings

Robin: to send out a Doodle, or other option, to define a new time.

Slack channel for community board?

Ivo created a new private group on Slack

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