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eZ Community Board meeting, November 16, 2016

Wednesday 14 December 2016 9:46:12 pm

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Here are the minutes of the latest Community Board meeting, November 16, 2016. Our previous minutes can be found here.

Present: Robin, Sylvain, Bertrand, Ivo, David Liedle (excused: Carlos, Sebastien, Jani)


Open meeting


  • Invited David Liedle regarding the topic (4) of on-boarding new community members

Topics to be added to agenda?

  • Action list in a google sheet, or on Jira? GitHub boards, Trello or Google sheet. Robin to look into GitHub.
  • Schedule meetings on a set date, skip Doodle? Robin to send a survey to the list, or through Doodle. Then schedule 3 months ahead. 2 week schedule.

Next meeting

  • TBD, Doodle

1 - eZ Platform - Legacy

Status: Robin will schedule a call with Carlos and Edi, to check on progress. Also open an issue on the repository, on what to do. (Suggestion by Ivo, see previous minutes: provide access to repo for Edi, ‘commit’ work from Netgen to make a start)

Minutes: -

2 - Status/improvement

Status: Robin to implement changes on Robin now has access to, to also move content over, such as a page on the Community Board.

Minutes: Robin, to setup a call with Sylvain and David Liedle. Double check on a few important questions regarding changes to be made on related to

Sylvain: discussed with David Kross, should the Week in Review also be published on

Ivo; strategy on, etc. strategy would define where to post minutes etc.

3 - Translation / internationalization

Status: topic given priority in previous meeting. Today, check with Bertrand / Engineering what the status is with regards to code, infrastructure and tooling.


Minutes: Bertrand; moved on quite a bit, in the codebase. French is an example on how to translate Platform UI. . platform ui channel > Yannik and Bertrand. Hold on communication to the community, until tooling is also decided on (and process).

4 - On-boarding new community members

Status: Robin to check on Invited David Liedle to this meeting regarding this topic.

Actions: Robin to research and approach a few new members (period: 2 to 4 weeks from now)

Minutes: Robin; how to approach these improvements? Ivo; check on Slack for new members, and interview them on their on-boarding experience. Bertrand; skype interview might be intrusive, find other options. David; surveys most comfortable for people. Also new eZ crew at PS! Limited number of people.

Bertrand mentioned the more active members, becoming a ‘mentor’.

Bertrand; is there gamification on Slack. ( )


Additional input on on-boarding: slide 19 from 51, Herding Cats for Fun and Profit by Jono Bacon.

On-boarding, Onramp; 1 discover, 2 setup toolchain, 3 develop skills, 4 find tasks, 5 get help, 6 feel appreciated (new users).

Some of the topics we are discussing, like and as a community ‘platform’, and the getting-started page, are in fact part of this on-boarding process of new members.

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