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eZ Platform with Legacy

Saturday 06 August 2016 2:22:15 pm

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The eZ Community Board has been discussing and preparing a solution the last few months, to the questions and need for a follow-up on the eZ Community Project 2014.11. Read our full blog, and let us know if you want to contribute to this solution in the comments.

Quite a few partners and community members still maintain, or build projects based on eZ Publish which includes legacy. To bridge that gap between eZ Publish and eZ Platform, and still let you benefit from the innovation taking place in eZ Platform, a discussion has been going on which resulted in twoblog posts. These blog posts highlighted the dilemma, and also two possible solutions. The Community Board asked your feedback, and most of you prefer the idea of working with eZ Platform including legacy and the legacy admin interface.

For this reason, the eZ Community Board is preparing to facilitate such a solution, utilizing the existing Legacy Bridge repository. We will put governance in place, to facilitate the maintenance of this installation of Legacy Bridge on top of eZ Platform. This maintenance will have short term support, as we want to focus on eZ Platform.

If you are interested in helping us setup and maintain this installation, please leave a comment below. Stay tuned on our blog, for further updates on this topic.

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