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eZ Publish 5 Comes to Community Project

Friday 21 September 2012 11:12:45 pm

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Next week the community project board will provide its first eZ Publish release based on the eZ Publish 5 master. Community Project 2012.9 will be the first build that lets you take advantage of all the hard work eZ Engineering has been doing in re-factoring eZ Publish under the Symfony HMVC framework. It coincides with eZ Publish 5 Enterprise going into beta testing. And for integrators, the release will be the perfect time to start putting eZ Publish 5 through its paces.

Here are some responses to a few questions developers might be wondering about.

Do I have to use Symfony now?

No. You can skip the whole thing. Packed inside 2012.9 (and the forthcoming eZ Publish Enterprise 5) is a regular eZ Publish 4 installation; we call it “eZ Publish Legacy” or “The Legacy Stack.” It's complete; you can move it out of the 2012.9 directory structure and run it on its own, forgetting about Symfony and eZ Publish 5 entirely. Or you can point your web server to right into the Legacy Stack and run your site there without using eZ Publish 5 or Symfony at all. Whatever you prefer.

Do I have to use Symfony soon?

No. For those who wish to wait a while, or for projects you do not want to move to eZ Publish 5 yet, the Legacy Stack will be around for years. Developers will continue to submit bug reports and code for the Legacy Stack, and eZ will continue to maintain it for Enterprise customers for the duration of their version's lifecycle. And because some API features won't be finished until at least 5.1, the Legacy Stack will have important usefulness for some time. So there's no rush to upgrade to 5; you can use the Legacy Stack as long as you like instead. You can even use it for your new projects if you want to watch eZ Publish 5 from a distance for a while. But all innovation and creativity are now going into eZ Publish 5, so at some point you'll be salivating for it so badly you won't be able to restrain yourself any longer.

Will 2012.9 have all the features 2012.8 had?

Yes, in the Legacy Stack.

For native eZ Publish 5 in 2012.9, the following will be ready: full public API, support for most eZ Publish 4 datatypes; support for the legacy storage engine (eZ Publish 4 database); Symfony2 HMVC-based kernel implementation; Twig-based template engine; siteaccess matching; YAML configuration, including siteaccess group settings; HTTP caching support; REST API with read/write support; and partial PHP REST client API.

2012.9, scheduled for release on by the end of September, 2012, is a great opportunity to get comfortable with eZ Publish 5 by using it for non-critical sites (your club or church or personal site, for example) and for training. As you use it, test it as hard as you like, and be sure to submit any bug reports. These are a great help to the whole community. If the bug affects the Legacy Stack, note it as a 4.x and 2012.9 bug. If it doesn't, then you can indicate it's a 5.x and 2012.9 bug.

And if you want to learn Symfony, join the first eZ Community UnConference October 17th and 18th, 2012 and the Symfony training on Friday, October 19th. In the US please join eZ staffers and a number of eZ community members (including me) at Symfony Live San Francisco later this month.

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