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eZ Publish Community Project 4.2011, very first build available now

Monday 18 April 2011 12:17:23 pm

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The eZ Publish Community Project Board is delighted to announce the immediate availability of eZ Publish Community Project 4.2011, first build of many to come. Read on and grab it !


Download it now, here : eZ Publish Community Project 4.2011


What is eZ Publish Community Project ?

The eZ Publish Community Project is where innovation happens, where the eZ Community and eZ Engineers collaborate, contribute to eZ Publish's kernel to make it tomorrow's Content Management Platform. This is the place where open-source is embodied as a development model. One can :

  • Develop new features,
  • Bring enhancements,
  • Fix bugs,
  • Report bugs

You may want to have a look at this tutorial : How to contribute to eZ Publish using Git and more details on how to get involved, generally : RFC : more participation through a reworked “Get Involved” section.

In total since January this year, 49 pull-requests were proposed on eZ Publish's github repository only, 133 in total taking extensions into account. Why wouldn't you be part of this cool open-source game ?


What does 4.2011 contain, and what are the next steps ?

The 4.2011 build is a continuation of the master branch's status at Enterprise Edition release time (4.5 - Matterhorn). This means that the kernel are very similar, but for the two weeks of innovation which occurred in-between, pushed by Community members and eZ Engineers. A tad more cutting-edge, in the end :). You can consult the Changelog to get an idea of the long list of improvements since the 4.4 version, and beyond 4.5 release date. The usual extensions are packaged along, and as usual, you can try & run about all extensions proposed on the eZ Extensions Forge :

Such builds should happen every month for now, aiming at complimenting this with nightly builds. Feel free to have a look at the Release Policy RFC, where details are brought in this subject. The final version of the latter should be published in a matter of days, containing a few modifications based on your feedback. Stay tuned on this.


How to send feedback ?

Downloading and using 4.2011 might lead you to share feedback. The two most obvious ways of doing so are :

  • File issues and requests for enhancements on the Issue tracker,
  • Fork, Clone, Code, Commit, Pull and make a pull-request. All details here.

Not even mentioning the forums, or blogs where you can channel your feedback too !

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