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Joining eZ Systems as Online Community Manager

Friday 27 March 2015 7:04:47 pm

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I want to share some exciting news with our community. I will be joining eZ Systems as Online Community Manager and I hope to pick up where Nicolas Pastorino left off, as he parted eZ Systems back in August, 2014. This will be a part time position, I will continue as a member of the Community Board, and keep any other activities.

I will be picking up some tasks like growing and nurturing our community, coordinating our Community Board, and more specifically, implementing metrics to better understand and evolve our community.

In our last Community Board meeting, I received a vote of confidence from all members, including the eZ Crew. As the new title “Online Community Manager” suggests, my focus will be on the community “behind the scenes.” Still, I hope to attend at least a few community events to meet people, and share and exchange ideas as this is very valuable.

My personal goal for 2015 include: Getting community metrics implemented, working closely with eZ marketing and Engineering, and getting the Community Board up to speed. Follow the Community Board blog, where I’ll be posting regular updates.

I’m here to help and facilitate, so feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

(Announcement on ez.no)

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