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Nominate yourself for the eZ Community Board

Thursday 07 January 2016 8:52:45 pm

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2015 was a year full of progress for eZ, and with the recent release of eZ Platform, we’ve opened the door for an exciting 2016 for the eZ community.

Since 2011, the eZ Publish Community Project Board, made up of members from eZ and several eZ partners and customers, led the eZ Publish community. Now that eZ is putting its focus on our new platform, the Board has decided to update the way it works, starting  by simplifying its name to the “eZ Community Board”. An update on the eZ Community Board’s mission and rules is available at

To put it in a few words, the eZ Community Board will be simpler and more open than ever before. The Board will help coordinate and drive all initiatives in regards to the development and growth of the eZ community, and especially the most fundamental part of it: collaboration on the development of eZ Platform.

On February 17th, the eZ Publish Community Project Board will vote on the permanent members for the new eZ Community Board. The new eZ Community Board will be composed of 5 permanent members and as many additional participant as the Board wants.

Apply to join the eZ Community Board today

Nominations are currently open for the eZ Community Board and will be closing February 17th in the morning. To apply, simply comment at the bottom of this post!

Being part of the eZ Community Board is a special opportunity to help guide the development of the eZ community. Typically, the board will vote and decide on very concrete and important things such as:

  • how to improve and all other community tools
  • how to get organized and better enable contributions to eZ Platform
  • what kind of events should be thrown by eZ and others, and where should they be held
  • which events being held by other groups should the eZ community participate in or co-organize

Being part of the eZ Community Board does not mean you commit to a large amount of work. It should actually not take much more than participating in board meetings, which are done remotely via Google Hangout or Skype, more or less on a monthly basis. It however requires that you have strong thoughts and ideas, things to say and that you care for the development of the eZ Community.

So if you:

  • care for the development of the eZ community
  • are active or would like to be more active in the community
  • are in touch with many people in the eZ ecosystem
  • have ideas and feedback to bring to the table
  • want to grow together with the community, and be a leader for it

You should apply to be a member of the board!

As I mentioned, voting for the permanent members of the new board will be done by the current board members on February 17th. Simply comment below to nominate yourself. The deadline for nominations is February 17th in the morning.

All the best,


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