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Taking the Community Project one step further: bundling community extensions

Sunday 23 October 2011 3:48:44 pm

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Now that the build process has somewhat stabilized, with Community Project builds coming out every month, it is time to advance further.

One area where we want to gather feedback from the community is the extensions that are bundled in the monthly tarballs.

In a true open spirit, before we start bundling some new and exciting extension, we want to set up clear and agreed-upon policies.

And before we settle on some official policy / requirements, we (the CP Board) want to hear what the community has to say about this topic.

To get the ball rolling, here are some aspects to be considered:

  • who decides which extensions to bundle: shall it be the Community Board, or the larger community itself, via a voting process open to all members?
  • what are the main criteria for inclusion? Things such as usefulness in the generic case, non-overlap with existing functionality, adherence to coding best practices spring to my mind. But shall we focus on extensions useful to developers, or to deployment in production? Is there a minimal language support we deem necessary?
  • how many extensions shall we bundle? A few ones are nice for sure, but we do not want to make the tarball too big for download
  • how to handle bugfixes (esp. wrt security problems) in the bundled extensions? What happens when the originsl coder goes amiss? Shall every bundled extension accept a team of community volunteers in its committers team to insure long-term maintenance?
  • revocation policy: how often will the list of bundled extensions be reviewed? what are the main criteria for revocation?

The timeframe for the first set of bundled extensions is more or less one month, ie. we are targetting the 2011.11 release.

And to ignite the discussion, here is the first official candidate for inclusion: the eztags extension by Ivo Lukac. All of the developers who have seen it demoed at eZ events have been impressed with its functionality, code quality is very good and there have already been a few releases, indicating an active developer team.

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