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Thank You Nicolas and Community Team

Monday 28 January 2013 9:39:48 am

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Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. As a member of the community, and representative of the Community Project Board, I would like to thank Nicolas for all his work the past year, in his role as VP Community.

Nicolas could not have achieved as much without the new team, consisting of Sylvain and Maud. So I’d like to extend this thanks and appreciation to the entire Community Team.

"...Community Manager Appreciation Day takes place every 4th Monday of January as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of community managers around the world using social media to improve customer experiences.."

Some examples of what the Community Team has achieved the past year:

  • communication for the releases of the community edition of eZ Publish
  • gamification and badges on our forum / community portal
  • a brand new eZ Shop with great products
  • the first, and very successful, unConference for the community

Those are just examples of what the Community Team works on. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes. What I personally appreciate is the fact that you can call upon any of the members at any time and they are happy to help out and assist. They keep our community portal a safe and fun place to collaborate.

So thank you Nicolas, Maud and Sylvain! We appreciate all your work very much.

cmad 2013

Community Manager Appreciation Day 2013

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