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Thank You Translators

Friday 30 September 2011 11:21:09 pm

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Today is the International Translation Day. On behalf of the Community Project Board I would like to say Thank You to all contributors e.g. translators who provide translations for the eZ Publish content management system.

Thank You Translators


With 26 languages currently available, these translations truly make eZ Publish a multilingual content management platform. If I only look at one translation file, where the source already counts over 33.000 words, it's simply an enormous effort of the translators to create and maintain those translations. So again, Thank You!

Next translation cycle

Do you want to contribute, or maybe update your translation? The next date to submit your translation is roughly the 3rd week of October. If you miss this 'deadline', no problem. With the monthly releases of the Community Edition, your translation is easily and quickly added to a next release.

If you are new and looking to contribute to existing translations, check out where you can find the translation project. You are of course welcome to start a new translation as well. We also have a full guide on how-to collaborate using the available tools such as GIT.

Do you have any questions? Contact us through the forum or send an e-mail to community [at] ez [dot] no.


Happy Celebrating, and Translating,

The Community Project Board

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