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The new eZ Community Board

Friday 04 March 2016 10:21:48 pm

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With pleasure, we present the new eZ Community Board! After our renewal process, we succeeded in getting new people on board, with fresh ideas and views. The new board composition is the result of a vote of all previous board members: Roland Benedetti (Chair), André Romcke, Bertrand Dunogier, Robin Muilwijk, Gaetano Giunta, Greg McAvoy-Jensen, Joe Kepyley, Gilles Guirand.

working together creates energy


So far we have had three previous Boards, starting at February 17 2011, as the eZ Community Project Board. The Board was renewed on March 2 2012, and on March 28 2013. After that, the Board remained for three terms, it was high time to bring some new blood!

New board members

The new eZ Community Board will have the following members:

  • Non-eZ Systems community members
    • Ivo Lukač, Croatia
    • Carlos Revillo, Spain
    • Sebastien Morel, US
  • eZ Systems
    • Bertrand Dunogier, Engineering
    • Sylvain Guittard, Consultancy
    • Jani Tarvainen, Professional Services
  • Robin Muilwijk, Community Manager, eZ Systems / Community

During its next meeting, the new board will vote for a chairman. With this new board, our updated governance document will also become final. The new governance guidelines provides the board with a more flexible member composition, meaning we can invite non-permanent members to meetings, to discuss specific topics. To aid this, we will announce agenda/topics in advance of meetings.

The eZ Community Board represents you, the eZ community. You are invited to contact one or more of those who represent you, or to contact the entire board, to share your views, needs, and questions.

Thank you

I would like to thank all former members, for their continued support to the community, and all their work as a board member. Especially for serving three terms!

Also, a big thank you to all those who nominated themselves, the community members that will join the new board, and also those who did not make it.

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