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The Week in Review: 2.0 and Beyond, New Blog, 3 things you love, and More

Friday 30 September 2016 8:40:04 pm

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This week André Rømcke looks ahead to V2.0, the results of our survey  on 3 things you love about eZ Platform, a new blog on our Developer Hub, and more.

Week 39 in Review


2.x and beyond, what to expect next

Ahead of the eZ Conference, André Rømcke, VP of Engineering at eZ, looks ahead of what's to come after 1.5. Read his full article on share.ez.no.

“Summer is over, v1.5 releases and even v1.5.1 releases are out, eZ Conference is quickly approaching, and one of the talks there brings up topics around v2.x and beyond. A topic we very much would like to get some feedback on this fall, especially during the conference, and also a topic we would like to involve the community and partners actively in next year.”

The top 3 things you love about eZ Platform

Earlier this month, we asked for your feedback, on the 3 things you love about eZ Platform. Today the form will be closed, thank you for your feedback!

The number one thing most of you love is Symfony. You also love the support of the community, and the code quality. Finally, extensibility is the third favorite thing about eZ Platform.

What next? David Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ, will bring all feedback to the attention of the Web Team, so it can be shown as part of our new Developer Hub ezplatform.com. All other feedback will be handled by David, he will bring this to the attention of the eZ Crew to address concerns raised.

Slack and Symfony Milestones

Last week Symfony reached the 500 Million download milestone. Some of our Crew at the Brooklyn office congratulated the Symfony project in style.

Today, we also welcomed our 400th member on Slack, roughly 15 months after opening this extra channel to our community.

In other news:

Social media

@eZSystems: And the finalists for the 2016 eZ Awards are… Check them out:  Winners will be announced at #ezconf2016 in Paris!

@eZSystems: Next week Oct 5-6 is eZ Conference in Paris -- See you all there! http://conference.ez.no/  #ezconf2016  

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Make sure to check this list of events which also includes our webinars.


Developer Hub Blog

As you know we are working on a new Developer Hub. This week a blog was added as feature. More is coming so stay tuned. We welcome all developers to contribute articles, you can ping David Liedle and share your article in a Google Doc. As a service, the eZ Crew will then edit and publish your article.

Docker stack by Kaliop

Steven Bressey from Kaliop shared news about their eZ Docker stack. A new release is available with improvements. “The stack now uses images from Docker hub (no need to build locally anymore) and provides multiple virtual hosts for ez4, ez5, and eZ Platform. You can check it out here: https://github.com/kaliop/ezdocker-stack/.”

Each week, we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on share.ez.no, which we republish here on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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