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The Week in Review: a new Community Board, eZ Platform 1.9.0 beta2 and more

Friday 07 April 2017 6:58:15 pm

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This week we share news about the new eZ Community Board, eZ Platform 1.9.0 beta2 release, how to convince your boss to attend eZ Conference and updates in social media, resources and events.

Week 14 in Review



The new eZ Community Board 2017/2018

Last week the new eZ Community Board was introduced. After a successful renewal process the Community Board is looking forward to its 2017/2018 term. We will continue our focus on improving our community platform, the ongoing transition to eZ Platform and other topics.

The governance guidelines provide the board with a flexible member composition, meaning we can invite non-permanent members to meetings to discuss specific topics. To facilitate this, we will announce agenda/topics in advance of meetings.

The eZ Community Board represents you, the eZ community. You are invited to contact one or more of those who represent you, or to contact the entire board, to share your views, needs, and questions.

eZ Platform 1.9.0 beta2

eZ Platform 1.9.0 beta2 was released this week. It includes updated packages such as PlatformUIBundle 1.9.0 beta1 and miscellaneous improvements/fixes. More details are available on GitHub.

Convincing your boss to attend eZ Conference 2017

Convincing your boss to spend company money to send you to a conference is not always the easiest thing. You want to learn, grow and network with others in your field and industry, but you have to make your case that amongst the many conferences you could attend, eZ Conference is a great investment of your time.

Lia Pinto, Marketing Manager at eZ, provides 5 reasons you should attend eZ Conference. Lia also highlights who should attend the event, and what makes eZ Conference different. We hope this will help you convince your boss, and see you at the conference! To register, visit conference.ez.no.

5 ways your CMS makes a web accessibility implementation easier

Lisa Manfield from Mugo Web writes about how using a CMS like eZ Publish can help and make the implementation of web accessibility easier. In her article she provides five ways you can use your CMS to your advantage when undertaking a web accessibility implementation project.

"Making your website accessible to people with disabilities—whether you’re launching a brand new site, or remediating an existing one—may seem complex when you consider all the components that require attention. But the right CMS can make the job a lot easier." Read the full article here.

In other news:


The Complete Guide to eZ Platform

Whether you're just starting out or already a veteran, The Complete Guide to eZ Platform has something for you. It contains a thorough description of everything about eZ Platform that you need to know as a developer, beginning with an explanation of underlying concepts and philosophy, to a presentation of all important features of the platform.

For each main subject you can find an overview, a guide to applying the subject in practice, usage examples, and all the necessary references. See something missing? Read about how to Contribute to Documentation.

Social media

Twitter: @andrerom - Symfony is adopting a new app structure & development flow. Should we adopt it for #ezplatform 2.x? @ezcommunity http://fabien.potencier.org/symfony4-compose-applications.html

Twitter: @Amirkoklan - oh! look at here: https://github.com/ezsystems/hybrid-platform-ui …That's amazing :D #ezpublish #ezcommunity #ezplatform https://github.com/ezsystems/hybrid-platform-ui

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