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The Week in Review: Admin UI Internationalization, Slack threaded messaging and more

Friday 20 January 2017 6:28:03 pm

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This week we share news about Admin UI Internationalization progress by engineering, threaded messaging on Slack, the complete naming history of eZ Systems releases and more news, social media and events.

Week 3 in Review



Progress on Admin UI Internationalization

David Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ, made an important announcement on Slack this week: “Who is interested in translating the Admin UI text into your native language? Join us in #i18n (Slack) to learn how to contribute! It’s fast and easy thanks to our Engineers and Crowdin.com.”

Bertrand Dunogier, lead engineer and developer advocate at eZ, also shared information on this topic. Bertrand refers to the story on Jira, about Crowdin's in-context translation integration. The documentation for this in-context translation is in review.

Threaded messaging comes to Slack

"When you’re working with your team in Slack, discussions can move quickly and cover a lot of ground. Now with Threads, a new way to connect related messages, it’s easier to follow and manage the variety of conversations happening in Slack."

This new feature is very useful, also in our Slack channels, where our members ask questions, discuss ideas and more. Read the full blog, as it also covers how to manage your threads and when to use them.

In other news:


A rose by any other name

Gaetano Giunta, CTO Kaliop UK, has written an excellent overview of all releases by eZ Systems with their corresponding names, from 1999 to present. If you were ever confused on any of those names, be sure to read this article.

“eZ Systems, the company behind the eZ Publish CMS, recently announced a name change in their product portfolio, with “eZ Platform Enterprise Edition” taking the place of “eZ Enterprise”. The change was driven, according to director of marketing David Kross, by a desire for simplification.”

eZ Publish content attribute transformation made easy with eep

Benjamin Kroll, developer and project manager at Mugo Web, has written another article this week about eZ Publish content attribute transformation, and how “eep simplifies the process with its flexible built-in attribute module options”. eep is a command-line tool for eZ Publish, named "Ease eZ Publish".

Social media

Jérôme Vieilledent - ‏@jvieilledent on Twitter: #PHPStorm support is coming for #ezpublish #ezplatform themes! https://github.com/lolautruche/EzCoreExtraBundle/pull/18

Gaetano Giunta - @gggeek on Twitter: A new release of eZObjectWrapper Bundle for #ezpublish cms is out: https://github.com/kaliop/ezobjectwrapper/releases/tag/v3.1.0. More goodies planned for the coming weeks

Edi Modric on Slack: Dear eZ Community: TagsBundle admin UI is ready for testing with `composer require netgen/tagsbundle:dev-adminui`. Feedback is welcome. Content field edit interface is still missing, but tag management UI and field definition edit interface is available.

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