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The Week in Review: Community Board renewal, eZ Platform 1.7.2 and more

Friday 03 March 2017 5:51:29 pm

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This week we share news about the renewal of the eZ Community Board, the eZ Platform 1.7.2 release and updates in resources, social media and events.

Week 9 in Review


eZ Community Board Renewal

As the one year term for the current eZ Community Board comes to an end, it’s once again time to start the nomination process.. Nominations are open until March 8. If you want to extend your participation in our community, this is a great opportunity to do so. Please check the full announcement, where you can also leave a comment.

Some of the benefits of joining the Community Board are growing your leadership skills, and also being part of the decision making process and governance of our community.

eZ Platform 1.7.2

eZ Platform 1.7.2 is out, and includes several fixes in packages such as PlatformUIBundle and ezpublish-kernel. Check out the GitHub release for details. The release adds many bugfixes to eZ Platform 1.7.0, the Long Term Support release which was introduced in December 2016.

In other news:


Migrating to eZ Platform - Follow the Ibex!

Are you considering a move to eZ Platform? Worried about switching to a new technology? Unsure how to migrate your existing content?

Take a look at our guides for moving other solutions to eZ Platform. If you're looking for what's new from eZ Publish to eZ Platform, check out this Feature Comparison.

Social media

Twitter: Jani Tarvainen‏ - Update from @andrerom on version 2.0 progress at the #ezplatform Oslo Meetup.

Slack: Bertrand Dunogier (lead engineer and developer advocate at eZ) - Congrats to Gábor Lázár (@lazar)  for a full translation of Platform in Hungarian. Thank you to @sklimaszewski.kaliop  and @mklemt  for their Polish contribs as well ! Polish, French and Portuguese are also 100% complete.

YouTube: eZ Platform - Open Content Management System - Open Source CMS

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Make sure to check out this list of events which also includes our webinars.

Each week, we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on share.ez.no, which we republish here on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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