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The Week in Review: Community news, updated tutorials and more

Friday 12 May 2017 7:31:33 pm

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This week we share news from the Community Board who is working on improving our Community platform, an updated Field Type tutorial, buzz on GitHub and more.

Week 19 in Review



Community: forum and other improvements to

One of the topics the Community Board has on its agenda is improving our community platform. This platform includes several sites such as, and more. We are currently breaking this down in smaller features, so we can also guarantee progress.

One of the features we are looking at are Slack and our forum on It does not escape our attention that Slack is a great platform for daily conversations, quick questions etc. But it will not retain all the knowledge stored on their, with all the questions and answers that are so valuable to our community.

We are also in a unique position compared to other companies and projects. We exist for almost two decades. In that time a lot of innovation has taken place, also leaving some legacy products that we still support. That provides the Community Board with a challenge. How to continuously adjust and grow along with this innovation, and legacy?

Our thoughts right now, are to keep, but with a more clear ‘legacy’ label to it. It is not going away! But at the same time, we want, and need to grow and keep our knowledge available around eZ Platform. This is why we are currently investigating options to expand with ways for people to ask questions and discuss eZ Platform. And we are not stopping there. We have also started drafting specifications for tagging blog posts, and a list for showing eZ Platform bundles.

eZ Platform image embed output escaped on macOS / OS X

What do you do when you run into a bug in an open source project? You fix it. That’s exactly what Jani Tarvainen did, Professional Services Consultant at eZ. “When working on eZ Platform and content embeds I encountered an issue where output is escaped by Twig when outputting content.” Read his short story on

An excellent example by Jani by the way. He shared his experience, and knowledge, on our forums. And also added a few notes to an existing Jira issue. Something we welcome all our community members to do, it will only take you 5 minutes.

In other news:


Creating a Tweet Field Type

Something our developers do on a regular basis is extend eZ Platform. One of our tutorials about creating custom Field Types has recently been updated. This tutorial covers the creation and development of a custom eZ Platform Field Type.

Field Types are the smallest building blocks of content. eZ Platform comes with about 30 native types that cover most common needs (Text line, Rich text, Email, Author list, Content relation, Map location, Float, etc.).


For the curious such as @wizhippo, you can see that @lolatruche has made progress on its theme bundle which can be found here: EzPlatformDesignEngine GitHub repository. This features will allow you to provide design themes to your eZ application, with automatic fallback system. It is very similar to eZ Publish legacy design fallback system. Read the full doc here.

Social media

Instragram - Our artist at eZ, Hakan Ertann, created new images of our mascot Pulley

Pulley the mascot

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Make sure to check out this list of events which also includes our webinars.

Each week we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on, which we republish here on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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