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The Week in Review: deciding on UI technology, eZ Find how to and more

Friday 13 January 2017 7:20:47 pm

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This week we share important news about 2.x refactoring and ask for your feedback on UI technology. We also have an eZ Find tutorial and more news, social media and events.

Week 2 in Review


2.x refactoring: Deciding on UI Technology

Last week, Aleksander Farstad, CEO and Co-founder of eZ Systems, said 2017 belongs to those who adapt fast and that we “need to constantly change and reinvent ourselves.” The first big change that awaits us is the 2.x refactoring, announced by André Rømcke, VP of Engineering. If you haven’t read his post and commented, now’s your chance!

The first step in refactoring will be to decide on UI technology. Do we go for a hybrid solution or a Javascript framework? To answer this question and make a decision, we need your feedback!

This choice will have an impact on everyone in our community working with eZ Platform, and especially the developers. So be sure to read the blog post by André, and also the follow-up by Bård Farstad, Co-founder and Chief Strategist at eZ, who makes a case for React in his blog post.

You can leave your feedback as a comment on either of the blog posts.

eZ Find tutorial: How to return specific fields of indexed data

In this recent article, Benjamin Kroll, developer and project manager at Mugo Web explains how, when working with eZ Find fetches, "you may want to return only a specific sub-set of data for each of the search results, rather than the whole content object. You can do that by using the eZ Find 'search' fetch's 'fields_to_return' parameter."

Benjamin provides more insight in his in-depth article about performance, how to use eZ Find search fetch's 'fields_to_return' and, going further, how to use rawSolrQuery. His article also includes configuration and code examples.

In other news:

Social media

eZSystemsFR - ‏@eZSystemsFR: sales kick off - cologne - équipe 3 #insideez

eZ Systems - ‏@eZSystems: .@findatopdoc build a site w/ @mugo on #ezpublish allowing patients to rate doctors & read reviews via @LisaManfield.

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