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The Week in Review: development contributions, eZ Platform updates, and more

Friday 05 February 2016 6:29:38 pm

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This week, news on how to contribute to eZ software development, the latest eZ Platform additions, plenty of Symfony activity and more.

Week in eZ #5 2016


How to contribute to eZ software development?

There are several ways of contributing to eZ Publish and eZ Platform. One of them is reviewing and testing pull requests. Bertrand Dunogier, lead engineer and developer advocate at eZ, posted this week on Slack, asking the community for such reviews. Two such pull requests were about Content Object Copy and database transactions, and cloning eZ Flow pages & zone id’s. All the more reason to join the eZ Community channel on Slack, and keep an eye out for pull request testing opportunities. .

If you are curious for other ways to get involved, and contribute to the eZ roadmap and eZ development, check out this page on our community forum.

The latest additions to eZ Platform

Bertrand Dunogier also shared some news with me this week on recent additions to eZ Platform, the first one being the merge of an xmltext to richtext migration tool. The first bricks of the user generated content framework are also in place. This framework will allow external users to create content on the front-end of an eZ Platform-powered site using Symfony forms. You can view this in a pull request here.

Symfony news

A week of symfony #474 is out, with development highlights, new issues and pull requests, Twig development highlights and more. Symfony's development activity increased significantly, with more than 60 pull requests merged and 90 issues closed. Countless fixes and tweaks were added across all components. This week also saw the release of Symfony 3.0.2.

Some weekend reading:

Social media

Mugo Web started a great initiative on Twitter this week by posting the following: “Hey eZ Publish / Platform community, how about a new Twitter activity? Every week, a new theme. #eztuesdays#ezpublish.” I will join them, and you?

Our eZ Engineering team is not short on humor. Philippe posted this: “Creating some exercises for an eZ Platform training ... #teasing#ezplatform#training#cometothedarkside :)”

And while discussing the British language being the default in eZ Platform and if this would change, in the #ezplatform-ui channel on Slack, Bertrand responded with: “No it's not. English rocks. I miss the british empire.”

Finally, Roland Benedetti, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, posted: “Porsgrunn office got nice signage! . #insideeZ@eZSystems.”

Norway office



André Rømcke, Vice President Engineering, presented a talk at the eZ Oslo meetup on January 28th of January 2016, about migrating from eZ Publish to eZ Platform and eZ Studio. You find his slides here.

Each week, we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on, which we republish on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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