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The Week in Review: Docker-based eZ Launchpad, eZ Platform Hackathon and More

Friday 19 May 2017 8:59:57 pm

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This week we share news about the eZ Platform Hackathon, eZ Dev Bar (both at eZ Conference), the Docker-based eZ Launchpad and more.

Week 20 in Review



eZ Platform Hackathon and eZ Dev Bar

More exciting updates on our upcoming eZ Conference in London, June 6-8. If you are a developer and eZ community member, the eZ Platform Hackathon could be of interest to you—you’ll get to play with the latest eZ Platform. The theme of this hackathon is “From eZ Publish to eZ Platform.” It will focus on improvements and new features that could facilitate the path from eZ Publish to eZ Platform. Full details can be found on our blog.

Also new at the conference is the eZ Dev Bar, an area where developers can meet 1-on-1 with eZ experts and engineers, and play with eZ Platform.

Introducing eZ Launchpad

Wouldn't it be great if you could spin up a new and complete eZ Platform environment? One that’s ready in 5 minutes to be used by your development team for real projects? Meet eZ Launchpad! Based on Docker, it includes Varnish, Solr and more.

"With eZ Launchpad, you get to work locally with an exact duplicate of a real production environment. It makes it easy to replicate this environment for all developers in your team, with the exact same libraries and dependencies. By having all required dependencies, libraries and configurations, eZ Launchpad removes much of the hassle of making the local developer environment, which consequently allows you to focus on actual development instead."

eZ Launchpad is open source, and we welcome feedback and pull requests on GitHub. Read the full announcement here, this includes a YouTube video demonstrating the setup.

In other news:


eZ Platform Vagrant Box

One of our community members, Casey Lentz (@strawberrybeard on Slack), has created a Vagrant box for running eZ Platform. It is available on GitHub. Casey welcomes any feedback on issues you may find.

Social media

Twitter - @eZSystems: Come to London, we'll meet at the Tower Hotel by River Thames! >> Register for eZ Conference June 6-8! #ezconf2017

eZ Conference 2017 London

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