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The Week in Review: eZ Conference Recap, GraphQL Bundle, APIs, and More

Friday 14 October 2016 6:27:19 pm

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This week brings us a recap of the eZ Conference, a proof of concept GraphQL bundle for eZ Platform, how APIs work in an interview with David Liedle, and more.

Week 41 in Review



eZ Conference 2016 recap

Henry Kogan, Content Marketer at eZ Systems, provides us with an excellent recap of eZ Conference 2016, which took place in Paris last week. High tech amenities with a warm ambiance. In his recap, Henry summarizes all days of the conference, links to eZ Systems Facebook album, lists the eZ Award winners, slideshare presentations, and more.

“eZ Conference 2016 has now faded into a beautiful memory. We are delighted to hear all the positive feedback. Many attendees have complimented us on the venue, were inspired by the talks and said they left feeling better about themselves and their digital ambitions. Some of you are asking us about next year’s event.  We ensure you, there are some surprises for 2017!”

A GraphQL Bundle adds protocol support to eZ Platform

As an experiment, Bertrand Dunogier, who is part of eZ Engineering, created a GraphQL bundle, adding protocol support to eZ Platform. Jani Tarvainen, Professional Services Consultant at eZ, writes about this bundle in detail.

“GraphQL is a technology that allows developers to make queries (and mutations) against an external interface in a structured way. It is similar to REST APIs, but as a more complete specification it is universal and allows true decoupling from a CMS, rather than building on a specific REST implementation of a system.”

Interview: David Liedle explains APIs and how they work

As a developer, you might find yourself in a spot, when at a birthday party or family gathering, when asked to explain what you do. How can you explain to them, about the API you are working on? How APIs work? Henry Kogan, colleague of David Liedle at eZ, pretends to be David’s Mom, and asks him to explain in this interview.

In other news:

Social media

Bertrand Dunogier - ‏@bdunogier: Prototyped #ezplatform domain content with #graphql: Pretty sexy, if you ask me. Do you like the approach ?

Zamir ABDUL - ‏@ezabdul: @eZSystems won this evening the Fransk-Norsk Trophée 2016 organized by #CCFNdigital Thanks to everyone at @CCFN_Norvege

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eZ Platform 1.6.0 beta1

eZ Platform 1.6.0 beta1 has been tagged. If you are interested, you can download the source, and take it for a spin. Your feedback is of course welcome in our Slack channels, or on Jira, our issue tracker.

Documentation updates

The documentation team is starting up new documentation. They are also building out part 3 of the bike ride tutorial. So keep an eye out on and this section of the Week in Review.


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