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The Week in Review: eZ Platform 1.9, Community Board and Conference updates

Friday 21 April 2017 6:45:29 pm

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This week we share news about the eZ Platform 1.9 release, updates on eZ Conference with full speaker lineup and the Community Board.

Week 16 in Review



eZ Community Board updates

The eZ Community Board had another meeting this week and finalized the renewal of the Board. We welcomed Donat Fritschy and voted for the Chair of the Board. Robin Muilwijk, Community Manager at eZ Systems, will remain Chair of the Board for another term. We also set our agenda for the next few months, we will focus on finalizing eZ Platform and Legacy Bridge support, and improvement of our community platform which includes For more news, keep an eye on the Community Board blogs.

eZ Platform 1.9

eZ Platform 1.9, the second Fast Track release for this year, has been released. It includes improvements such as bulk file upload and an enhanced Universal Discovery Widget. The Studio demo now also includes eZ Tags.

You can find more information in our release notes, and also a list of fixes on GitHub. You can download this release on

eZ Conference updates, Inviqa and Kaliop are confirmed sponsors of eZ Conference 2017 in London. Associates from these sponsors are also confirmed speakers, these include Kieron Sambrook-Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at, Richard Jones, Technical Director at Inviqa as keynote speaker and Gaetano Giunta, CTO at Kaliop UK.

The full speaker lineup for the conference has also been announced. From content and digital transformation to engineering and eZ Platform 2.0. eZ Engineering will be represented by its crew: Damien Pobel will talk about eZ Platform UI 2.x, and Bertrand Dunogier and André Rømcke will give updates on eZ Platform 2.x and Symfony 3.

A look at Docker for Mac 17.04 Performance

André Rømcke, Vice President Engineering at eZ Systems, blogged about Docker for Mac running eZ Platform as Symfony app. His blog provides good insight on the current state of Docker and how eZ Platform performs on this platform.

Here’s a bit from what André wrote on the blog, "As part of our internal knowledge Friday initiative I decided to spend my time sharing on a topic I have been following lately, the introduction to a feature in Docker which finally attempts to combat the file system (I/O) performance issues found most prominently in Docker for Mac."

In other news:


Two Factor Authentication for eZ Platform

Emmanuel Drouet from Smile France introduced a Two Factor Authentication for eZ Platform this week. The bundle supports e-mail, SMS and U2F (Yubico key) authentication for front-office users. You can find the bundle on GitHub.

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