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The Week in Review: Headless eZ Publish, Upcoming 16.02 Release and More

Friday 26 February 2016 9:14:44 pm

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This week a blog about headless eZ Publish, what’s included in the 16.02 release, eZ Community Board renewal and more.

Week in Review 8, 2016



Headless eZ Publish

Danny Hobo, from web design and development company Exove, wrote an interesting article on how to make eZ Publish a headless CMS. In his blog post, he covers the existing REST API in eZ Publish, and how to extend it in order to deliver Content as a Service. With clear code examples, he shows how to put it all together to a point where you can test your own API call.

Headless in a nutshell:

eZ provides a modular content management system (CMS) with services implemented in a decoupled way. This lets you use eZ’s software as a traditional CMS, where the CMS is in charge of rendering pages, or as a headless CMS, also called a Content as a Service (CaaS) CMS, where the CMS is only used for managing content, never for controlling its presentation.

Upcoming eZ Platform and eZ Studio 16.02 fast track release

eZ Product and Engineering team is preparing the 16.02 release for eZ Platform and eZ Studio that will ship next week. It’s now in release candidate state. As you know, eZ product development is open, and you can have a look at the development board (see the roadmap page to see where to go and also understand the development cycle).

Beyond activities on Github or Jira, Damien Pobel shared a few “work in progress” updates on video of the various things coming such as a new way to use and style the user menu

or to use images and embed in the new online editor. Stay tuned for the release and the release notes next week!

eZ Community Board renewal

The eZ Community Board had its regular meeting last week, and on the agenda was the renewal of the Board, and voting on the candidates for the new Board. Stay tuned on the eZ Community Board blog for announcements with regards to the new members.

Some weekend reading:

Social media

We have seen some interesting discussion on Slack this week. On the #ezplatform-use channel, the new kernel 6.2 was discussed, and the fact it will not be compatible with eZ Publish legacy. This new kernel includes the normalized login.

Another topic of discussion was eZ Platform Docker images. Several community members shared their experience on the use of such images. In fact, Vidar Langseid, from eZ Engineering, is working on such an image for eZ Platform.

Join our Slack channels and stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the eZ Community.

An interesting Twitter account to follow is @ezcommits. A recent Tweet for instance was:

eZ (Publish) Commits @ezcommits: [#ezpublish5 API] Added dbupdate for 6.2.0 release: Added dbupdate for 6.2.0 release

My favorite tweets through the #InsideeZ hashtag each week:

Watching #EddieWouldGo at the @eZSystems #Brooklyn office / #insideeZ




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