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The Week in Review: Improving DevOps, eZ Conference Keynote Speakers, Javascript Reboot and More

Friday 08 July 2016 8:31:26 pm

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Here’s a selection of this weeks news from the eZ Ecosystem: Netgen shares how they improve DevOps, eZ Conference keynote speakers announced, and of course our regular sections of social, events and resources.

Week 27 in Review


eZ Conference 2016: Keynote Speakers Announced

eZ Conference is only three months away and is coming together to be an amazing event! We are excited to announce our keynote speakers, Paul Boag and Yann Gourvennec.” You can read more about the talks and speakers on our blog.

The JavaScript language reboot is done

“The year 2015 was pretty tiring in the JavaScript world. This was widely acknowledged and read to JavaScript Fatigue being “a thing" and there were memes on how hard it was to make a hello world in JavaScript.”

In this article, Jani Tarvainen - Professional Services Consultant at eZ - provides insight to the Javascript language and ecosystem coming of age. He also shares concepts and tools that are now what constitute the core of contemporary, post 2015 JavaScript. These include UI components, asynchronicity, packet management and modules, and more.

Nominations for the 2016 CMS Critic Awards are now open

“CMS Critic is pleased to announce that the fifth annual CMS Critic Awards are now open for nominations. This means that you are welcome to submit your product or your favorite products for consideration.”

If you think eZ Platform should be on the list, take a minute of your time and head over to their form, and submit eZ Platform under categories such as best open source or best enterprise CMS. Last year, eZ Publish was named best CMS for publishers.

In other news:

Social media

My favorite eZ hashtag: #InsideeZ. It always provides nice pictures from one of the eZ Offices:

eZ Ice

@eZSummerCamp: [#websc] Know of our Companions program? Still time to apply! http://2016.websummercamp.com/Companions  #ezpublish #ezcommunity #ez

Jani Tarvainen: Updated Flysystem dependency to ^1.0 coming to #ezplatform 1.5 in Aug, kudos @bdunogier https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel/pull/1695 /cc @samuelroze @fortrabbit

Ivan Herak: Just realised my name was on #eZPublish 5.4 release notes :) didn't do much, but still, it feels good :) https://doc.ez.no/display/EZP/5.4+Release+Notes



Improving our DevOps with Vagrant, Ansible, and PhpStorm

eZ Platform is an innovative open source project, supporting and using many new technologies. This includes containerization with Docker, making life easier for developers.

In a related article, Ivo Lukač from Netgen, shares how they improve DevOps with Vagrant, Ansible, and PhpStorm.

“A long, long time ago we used only one tool for syncing development instances with production environments - FTP. You could copy files from a local to a remote machine and that was pretty much it. So it was very surprising to see a few people raise their hand at Smashing Conference in San Francisco earlier this year when the speaker asked who is still using FTP for deployment. It sent shivers down my spine. :)”

Read the full article, which also includes Netgen’s choice between Vagrant and Docker, and links to the GitHub repository where this Netgen solution is shared as open source.


Each week, we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on share.ez.no, which we republish here on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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