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The Week in Review: Partnership with, eZ Platform 1.5.1, and More

Friday 23 September 2016 6:29:28 pm

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This week, we have lots of exciting news as eZ Systems partners with, the release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio 1.5.1., Symfony coming to the US, and more.

Week 38 in Review



eZ Systems partnership with

Big news this week, as eZ systems partners with, providing a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution, giving developers more flexibility. As David Kross, Director of Marketing at eZ, puts it:

“We believe this is going to make a significant impact on the lives of developers in the eZ Community and help CEOs, CIOs and CTOs sleep better at night.”

You can watch a demo by David Christian Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ, who takes you on a quick tour through and shows how to setup eZ Platform as a free trial.

A recap of Web Summer Camp 2016

“This year’s Summer Camp was bound to be interesting even before it started. We changed the brand, added a new topic, moved to a new venue, and were curious and eager to see how our participants would respond to the transition. Well, it turns out we and our co-organizers at Salsa Adria had no reason to worry.”

Read this recap of Web Summer Camp 2016, which took place only a few weeks ago, by Maja Nebes from Netgen. This was the fifth in the line of the Summer Camps, bringing our community together, Hat Tip to Netgen! You find more impressions of attendees at the bottom of this article.

Some quick reminders

In the CMS Critic, 2016 People’s Choice Awards, eZ Platform has been nominated as Best Enterprise CMS. Head over to and scroll down to the form and vote!

What are the top 3 things you love about eZ Platform? Help us grow by answering 3 simple questions. This Google Form will remain active up until the eZ Conference in Paris in October. Our purpose is to allow the community to identify the positive points that will then be shown on the Developer Hub. This will help us grow our community, and eZ Platform.

In other news:

Social media

André Rømcke - ‏@andrerom: eZ Platform and eZ Studio v1.5.1 was released earlier this week, see changes here:

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