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The Week in Review: Semantic Versioning, PHP7 Support and More

Friday 03 June 2016 7:06:11 pm

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This week brings us lots of news from both eZ Systems and the community. eZ will be adopting Semantic Versioning, there is news on PHP7 support, a detailed report on internal engineering workshops, and of course social and events.

Week 22 in Review



Release Cycles and Version Names Simplified

One of the growing pains in our project has been to clearly communicate a simple consistent naming convention for new versions of our products. Clarity and consistency has become even more important, having been through the transition from eZ Publish to eZ Platform.

It’s now time to introduce and use Semantic Versioning, to simplify and clarify our product versions naming convention. Read about all the details in a blog post by David Christian Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ.

"Changes to the first digit indicate a breaking change to the API, and developers know that they may need to implement a re-write of their code to continue consuming the API moving forward. The middle digit represents new features and functionality. The final digit represents patches, bug fixes and other forms of “oops” and aha!"

ezpublish-kernel v5.4.7-beta1 with PHP7 support

eZ Engineering has announced it is working on support for PHP7, for eZ Platform, and  backporting this to eZ Publish Platform 5.4. A beta has now been released for enterprise customers, containing the same fixes eZ Platform already included since last year. Read the full blogpost by André Römcke, VP of eZ Engineering, on what is supported and more.

eZ Product Development Workshops

As you might have read in my previous Week in Review (21), eZ Engineering was in Poland recently for workshops. David Liedle reports to us with details on some of these workshops that are of interest to the community.

David Liedle's digest:

The eZ Product Development Workshop in Katowice, Poland was held May 23-25 at a venue close to the eZ Systems office. By combining into small groups to discuss topical issues, the teams present were able to engage in a personal and productive series of work sessions to provide clarity and direction for eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise products. The teams came together with questions and ideas, and left with greater clarity and unity. Next-steps were identified for follow-up, actions were taken on-site, and notes were taken for future digest.

UI Guidelines: led by Iñaki, presented and discussed the different tools that can be used for storing UI Guidelines. The group agreed on the need for having a set of UI Guidelines in order to improve consistency throughout PlatformUI and StudioUI, as well as reusing components.

Documentation: New Structure/Tree, led by Dominika, offered an opportunity to review and discuss the significant revisions made to a new version of the Developer and User documentation offered by eZ Systems. The new documentation may be viewed live at this time at hosted by Sylvain, revealed solid plans to make use of the domain as a central open source developer resource, specifically as it pertains to the Doc Squad and documentation. Strategic decisions were revealed such as the eventual retirement of multiple canonical * sites in the interest of simplification.

Future of YUI: hosted by Damien, addressed the deprecation of the Yahoo User Interface. Replacement options were discussed by listing desired qualities, such as efficiency, and ease of transition. Open questions were identified for further investigation. The action item identified was to test miscellaneous frameworks for more on-the-ground knowledge of their benefits and drawbacks.

In other news:

Social media

@WebSummerCamp: Where, how, and when? Check out our Venue page!  #websc #php #ezpublish #design #symfony #UX

Web Summer Camp Location

Damien Pobel  Tweeted: Merged It brings the ability to swap 2 Locations in PlatformUI, thanks @crevillo for this contribution #ezplatform

[Webinar] An Introduction to eZ Enterprise - YouTube (44min.)

Discover eZ's new content platform eZ Enterprise in this 45-minute webinar. Featuring a short overview of eZ, a look at the business benefits of eZ Enterprise and a live demo, this webinar provides an introduction to eZ's open source core, eZ Platform, and the editorial UI, eZ Studio.



Introducing the Kaliop Migrations Bundle for eZ Platform and eZ Publish

"In systems with very dynamic data models, such as Content Management Systems, transferring data models and changes to them between environments can be very challenging. eZ Platform and the previous generation eZ Publish CMS products are such systems."

Jani Tarvainen, Professional Services Consultant at eZ, provides more insight to the Migrations Bundle in a blog post.

Import the Facebook GraphQL example data model to eZ Platform

"GraphQL is an interesting technology open sourced by Facebook. Thanks to the PHP and Symfony communities, there is already a lot of work done for devs to use GraphQL in Symfony applications."

Jani Tarvainen provides a hands on example with additional code, to implement GraphQL into eZ Platform using the GraphQLStarwarsEzPlatformBundle. Read his full blog here.

Each week, we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on, which we republish here on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

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