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The Week in Review: #WEBSC Impression, AMP on eZ Platform, August 2016 releases, and More

Friday 02 September 2016 6:25:09 pm

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Lots of news this week again, with a quick first impression of Web Summer Camp, Accelerated Mobile Pages on eZ Platform, the August 2016 releases of eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise, and more.

Week 35 in Review


Web Summer Camp first impressions

David Christian Liedle, Technical Product Manager at eZ, attended the Web Summer Camp organised by Netgen this week. As a first impression, he sent me a report on the first days.

Day 1: We began our day at 0730 with a group swim in the ocean; a very refreshing start to a great event. eZ t-shirts and stickers were distributed to the eZ Track participants, brought fresh from NYC by yours truly! The first session in the eZ Track was an introduction to eZ Platform delivered by myself, with support from Kamil, Piotr, and Jani. My goal was for participants to achieve an understanding of the product, hands-on experience with the basics (we stepped through the Bike Ride tutorial together, as well as looking at the ezplatform-com and ezplatform-demo repos), and an understanding of where to go for next steps and further information; I received feedback from several participants that we achieved that goal, and that newcomers felt oriented and eZ Publish veterans saw new things demonstrated. I was proud and pleased to pull up and show the brand new eZPlatform.com Developer Hub delivered by Sylvain Guittard, and was able to show participants the right place to download our latest products moving forward.

It was very helpful to hear feedback on pain points in the developer experience with eZ Platform as well, and areas where attendees were either confused or simply hopeful about features in eZ Platform. One theme I’ve heard several developers express today has been admiration for The eZ Way: developers are consistently impressed with our architecture and the choices eZ has made (both in legacy and eZ Platform) at the code level. Day 1: Awesome. :)

How to implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on the eZ Platform CMS

Jani Tarvainen, Professional Services Consultant at eZ, provides us with another interesting article, on How to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages on eZ Platform.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an initiative from Google to speed up mobile browsing. AMP is an open standard based on HTML. It enforces performance by limiting functionality and includes remote caching.

Given Google's continuing dominance search both publishers and CMS vendors need to take AMP into account. In this article you'll learn the basics of how to implement AMP with eZ Platform CMS and Symfony.

Read his full article here.

Welcome the August 2016 release of eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise!

As we enter the last part of the summer, we’re happy to announce the availability of the August fast track release of eZ Enterprise and eZ Platform. The software was built yesterday after a final sprint of certification and quality assurance. With this release, eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise have both reached version 1.5.0.

This summer release has been focused mostly on stabilization and small improvements.  Summer has never been the  time to engage in epic new features! You can learn more about the release in the release notes of eZ Platform and eZ Enterprise.

Read the full announcement, by Roland Benedetti, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at eZ.

Downloads have moved!

As you might have noticed in David Liedle’s post above, ezplaform.com is back, as the new Developer Hub. As of today, all download for eZ Platform have moved to this new Hub. Keep an eye out here, or on the Hub, for further improvements. All of the legacy downloads will remain on share.ez.no.

In other news:

Social media

Tobias Schlitt - @tobySen: #websc starting.

Nicolas AGUENOT - @nicolasaguenot: I ❤️ #Ez . A nice sticker isn't it? #ezplatform #websc

Ivo Lukač - @ilukac: We made it! :) #biking #debugman #websc

Fred Krossa - @fkrossa: #Symfony3 forms with @webmozart . Is that awesome or what ! #websc @WebSummerCamp


Roland Benedetti - ‏@rolandbenedetti: Onboarding process at @eZSystems NYC. Friday Jenga session... #insideeZ


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