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The Week in Review: What eZ Platform Adds to Symfony, Board Renewal, Roadmap and More

Friday 19 February 2016 6:53:08 pm

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This week, a look at the relationship between Symfony and eZ Platform, more news, social media, Symfony events, and updated roadmap.



What eZ Platform adds to Symfony

Symfony Finland has published a great blog on what eZ Platform adds to Symfony, and vice versa. The author, Jani Tarvainen, explains what Symfony brings to the table, and what eZ Platform adds on top, such as the content repository, the REST APIs and of course, the ready to use content management user interface. His blog is a technical overview of what Symfony is, what eZ Platform uses from Symfony, and what eZ Platform also adds on top of the PHP platform. Jani’s conclusion:

"...The advantage for any application that adopts a general purpose framework such as Symfony, is that it is a broader investment."

According to our own engineers, you are able to get up to speed with Symfony in a few days. There are lots of online resources, a good start could be The Symfony Book itself.

eZ Community Board renewal

As of last Wednesday, the nominations for the eZ Community Board renewal closed. We received a total of 8 nominations, including 3 existing board members and 5 new candidates. The current board had a meeting the same day, and voted for the new board composition. As soon as the final votes are in, we will announce the new board to the community.

Some weekend reading:

Social media

Jani Tarvainen shares news on Twitter about two Docker images, to help you upgrade your apps to #symfony 3.

My personal favorite is from Frank Dege, who shared some eZ history with us on Slack last week, showing an eZ Publish 2 installation he just recently retired.

eZ Publish 2

eZ is working hard on eZ Platform and its support, as a Tweet by André Romcke shows: 2nd day of advanced #ezplatform & #ezstudio training with support, QA & PS folks @eZSystems@cleverti_PT#insideez.

Mugo Webshared a good beginner eZ Publish new stack / Platform dev tip: KnpUniversity's free Symfony tutorials!  #ezpublish#eztuesdays.



We get lots of question on the forums and Slack about when to expect new releases, and what is included in these releases. You can find this information on the Roadmap page on eZ’s Documentation site. This page includes both the release process for eZ Platform and eZ Studio projects, the support lifecycle for releases and the actual roadmap. For the roadmap, more details are available on the Jira tracker: product development board.

Each week, we publish a roundup of highlights from the eZ ecosystem on, which we republish here on the eZ Blog. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me.

(Lead image credit: Brian, by-sa 2.0)

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