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This week in eZ - #4, 2016

Friday 29 January 2016 3:57:22 pm

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This week, I bring you news on the CMS Critic award and what this means to eZ, updates from the eZ Community Board, and more.

In my ‘Week in eZ,’ I am covering news from community blogs, social media, the eZ Community on Slack, events, and more. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me, so I can include it in upcoming posts.

This week in eZ #4 2016



Best CMS for publishers, what does this mean?

eZ Publish was named Best CMS for Publishers by a CMS Critic reader’s poll, and in a blog, Bård Farstad, co-founder of eZ, explains what this award means to eZ. Not only does it confirm eZ's focus on serving the dynamic and complex needs of publishers. Bård also explains how publishers, out of sheer necessity, are at the forefront of digital transformation. . With that, he refers to today's reality, where ultimately everyone is a publisher - banks, retailers, universities, non-profits and more.

eZ provides a flexible toolset and framework for organizations looking to succeed with their digital content strategy. Some examples Bård mentions are the Financial Times, and KitchenAid, the latter being a good example of content reuse to power the Internet of Things.

eZ Community Board

The eZ Community Board had another meeting this week, and minutes will be published in the next few days. We discussed the board renewal, as nominations are still open until February 17. We already have five new members of our community who are interested in joining the next board. You can still nominate yourself, by replying to the blog here.

Another topic of our meeting was implementing community metrics. We now have a strategy for product/marketing, and we will set more concrete goals and metrics that we want to measure. We are also looking for tools so we can automate this as much as possible.

eZ Platform vs eZ Publish

Just over a month ago we saw the first release of eZ Platform. I had a look at the adoption of this new release earlier this week, and eZ Platform 15.12 is approaching 1,100 downloads. A previous release, eZ Platform 15.09, has been downloaded just over 9,000 times. If we compare that to eZ Publish 2014.11, still in use, it’s clear that eZ Platform is already side-by-side with eZ Publish. This is confirmed by all visitors on the #ezplatform-use channel on Slack, and all the questions our community members ask, while working with eZ Platform.

Some weekend reading:

Social media

Sylvain Guittard shared a nice photo on Twitter with the following message: “#eZSystems office after the snowstorm #Brooklyn #NewYork”

InsideeZ Brooklyn

On Slack, Bertrand Dunogier, Developer Advocate at eZ Engineering, shared news on the next release of eZ Platform:

bdunogier [10:09 PM] - Oh, by the way, ezsystems/ezplatform 1.1.0-rc1 has been tagged today.


Release notes for the eZ Platform 1.0.0-rc1, or eZ Platform 15.12.1, which Bertrand refers to on Slack, can be found at


(Lead image credit: Simon Wickscc-by 2.0)

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