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This week in eZ - #49, 2015

Friday 04 December 2015 6:34:38 pm

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With week 49 almost behind us, we are entering the holiday season. Makes you wonder, will Santa Claus leave a present for the eZ Community? This week’s news focuses on earlier announcements by both eZ Engineering and the Community Board. But as always, we have some fun Tweets for you as well.

In my ‘Week in eZ’ I am covering news, coming from our bloggers within the community, social media, the eZ Community on Slack, events, and more. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me, so I can include it in upcoming posts.



This week in eZ #49

eZ Publish Community support

Let’s start with important news from eZ Engineering. André Rømcke has posted an update on community versions of eZ Publish, which will no longer receive eZ Support patches. “As we get ready to release the next generation of eZ software, our eZ Support team is moving its focus to eZ Platform and eZ Studio. While they’ll continue to support existing customers on eZ Publish Enterprise, they’ll stop working on the community versions of eZ Publish (5.x and earlier).”

As André shares in his post, eZ Engineering will try to handle incoming community contributions, but they need help from the community! Help is needed in reviewing pull request. If you are interested, read André’s post, and get in touch.

Platform weekly

Bertrand Dunogier is following in my footsteps, starting a weekly post, called Platform weekly. You can find his first post on These Platform updates are “intended to give news, on a weekly basis, about the latest developments on Platform from a technical perspective.”

Update governance framework

Also posted this week on, is a draft update to the governance framework. This governance framework describes the role of the eZ Community Board, and how it governs the community. This draft will be open for feedback until the Board’s next meeting on December 16. We will then finalize this document, and continue with renewal of the Board.

Significant changes for this new draft include a focus on the community, instead of the eZ Publish Community Project releases. With this in mind, Board responsibilities are also evaluated, and aligned to this new goal. The new governance framework will also make the Board itself more open, in terms of its membership.

Some weekend reading:

Social media

This week, SymfonyCon is taking place in Paris. eZ Systems is present, and also celebrated Symfony's 10th birthday. Congrats to Symfony!

Happy Birthday  @symfony !

Symfony 10th Birthday

Fancy pants at SymfonyCon! #php#symfony#ezpublish ! Bravo @weaverryan  @jmikola @andrerom

André: "Great conference at a great location, well organized by Sensio and with lots of interesting talks both on stage and off stage."


The Italian PHP Conference, taking place on May 13-14 2016, has a call for papers open. Check out their site.

Reminder: The eZ Roadshow will be visiting Paris and Cologne coming week.


If you are looking into eZ Platform, this is a must read from our documentation site: Transitioning from eZ Publish to eZ Platform and eZ Studio: Feature Comparison. This pages provides you with an overview of feature changes from eZ Publish to eZ Platform and eZ Studio.

See you next week, for more news from our community! And don’t forget to join the community on Slack.

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