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This week in eZ - #50, 2015

Friday 11 December 2015 8:54:24 pm

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Week 50 brings a variety of news for you. From eZ being covered in a report by G2 Crowd, Slack archives, to Symfony. We also look back at the eZ Roadshow. As a quick reminder, have a look at the updated governance framework, and provide feedback if you have any.

In my ‘Week in eZ’ I am covering news, coming from our bloggers within the community, social media, the eZ Community on Slack, events, and more. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me, so I can include it in upcoming posts.

Week in eZ 50


Slack now has an archive

With a hat tip to Ivo Lukač for setting this up, and Tyler Harms for suggesting this, our Slack channels are now archived on The archive is open to the public, and searchable with simple text search, date range, and channels.

eZ named a high performer

eZ was named as high performer, by G2 Crowd in its Winter 2016 Web Content Management Software GridSM report. 85% of users who reviewed eZ rated it 4 or 5 stars. "Many reviewers said our software was more flexible than our competitors and others praised the maturity of eZ Publish compared to alternatives." Read the full story on the eZ Blog.

Symfony improving its release process

The Symfony Project has had a predictable and transparent release process. With their latest 2.8 release, they are looking at further tweaks to this process. For full details, read the announcement on the Symfony Blog. “This new process means that Symfony 4 will be released on November 2017!”

The eZ Roadshow wrapped up

eZ Roadshow, Paris

The eZ Roadshow was a great success. The tour saw packed rooms in all of its stops, Oslo (Dec 1) Paris (Dec 8) and Cologne (Dec 9). A full report is now on eZ’s blog.

Social media

Some of the @eZSystemsFR crew taking studio photos during #eZRoadshow#InsideeZ.


Ivo Lukac started an interesting discussion this week on Slack, in the #ezplatform-use channel, about essential features in eZ Platform. Some replies were the Admin, and eZ Flow. As Edi Modric said, did Ivo open up a Pandora’s box? Responses by eZ: Roland, “This will be my bedtime read tonight”, and André, “... this is first version so we indeed have some iteration to do on adding and improving features.”


Josh Simmons, community manager at O’Reilly is building a list of conferences, including web/design related events. This is worth checking out!


A new beginner’s tutorial can be found on the documentation site, titled “Building a website with eZ Platform.” This is still a work in progress, but definitely something to keep an eye on!

“This tutorial is a step-by-step presentation and guide to building an eZ Platform website from the very beginning. All instructions and steps are based on the Beta version of eZ Platform. This tutorial applies a learning-by-doing method to demonstrate how the eZ Platform application can be used to build a great community website. Throughout this guide you will experience the process of building a website in a series of steps.”

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