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This week in eZ - #51, 2015

Friday 18 December 2015 2:55:52 pm

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This is our fifth Week in eZ, with again a variety of news coming from both eZ and the community. Of course, with a focus on this weeks release of eZ Platform 15.12. Also in this weeks news, are updates from the Community Board, a call to vote for the CMS Critics’ award, and more.

In my ‘Week in eZ’ I am covering news, coming from our bloggers within the community, social media, the eZ Community on Slack, events, and more. If you have any news or events to share, please contact me, so I can include it in upcoming posts.

This week in eZ #51



The future of the eZ Community

With the release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio this week, something important is triggered. The first step, and hopefully one of many, to further improve in working closer with the community. André writes in his blog, about a few areas where these improvements could be made. This includes development, and also the community platform,

"eZ was built on the core philosophy that our technology can become much better through open collaboration. This is just as true today, and we believe even more so in the future."

If you have any thoughts or ideas yourself, on improvements we could make, please contact us. You can leave a comment on Andre’s blog, get in touch through Slack, or e-mail the Community Board.

Share your eZ Platform experience

Some of our community members are already setting out to explore eZ Platform. While doing so, what hurdles are you running into? Like missing documentation, or maybe a bug you found? We would like to know! You can help improve eZ Platform by reporting this, either on Slack, or if it’s a bug, by report it on the issue tracker. And of course, positive feedback on what you like about the release, is also welcome.

Critics’ Choice CMS Awards, vote!

As you might have read earlier, eZ has been nominated for the Critics’ Choice CMS Awards, as best CMS for Publishers. Voting is open until January 1, 2016. So if you haven’t voted yet, do so through this link. And be sure to share this link among friends and colleagues.

eZ Platform with legacy

As we are leaving legacy behind, with the new release of eZ Platform, some developers might still need features that were available though legacy. Carlos Revillo, a dedicated community member, has built an install, that provides you with eZ Platform and eZ Publish legacy in one go.

Community news

The community Board had its regular meeting this week. We discussed a few topics that were on our agenda. Like implementing community metrics, the updated governance framework, and also setting up a forum for eZ Platform.

Community metrics is an on going work. Currently we have a draft ready, which includes what metrics we would like to follow. The main goal of having these metrics, is to see how the community is doing, were we might need to put our attention to, to improve collaboration, and more.

With regards to the updated governance framework, the Board will soon post a blog, and start the renewal process to onboard new members. Finally, after the release of eZ Platform, it makes sense to add an extra forum, to the already existing forums on This will be dedicated to eZ Platform. This makes it possible for community members to share their questions on the new release. Stay tuned on share, and Slack, for updates on this.

Some weekend reading:

Social media

Cheers to the releases of #ezplatform and #ezstudio


Cheers on eZ Platform

Ivo Lukač from Netgen posted in the Google+ eZ Community about how to test with Behat, authored by Mario Blažek.

Testing with Behat



With the release of eZ Platform and eZ Studio, I would like to point out some resources that could be of help.

(Image credit: Marcin Wichary, lead image,  CC-BY)

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