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5.3 to come with broader platform support and improved performance

Friday 23 May 2014 2:47:48 pm

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As (among other things) mentioned in the "Technology Outlook" post, we have been wanting to increase our level of support for broader configurations to run eZ Publish Platform on. Today we can present the first of several such steps, with the introduction of support for an additional platform.

New* in eZ Publish Platform 5.3 is the introduction of support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This is an important platform to support since it provides MySQL 5.6, MariaDB 5.5, Apache 2.4 and Nginx 1.4 supported out of the box, and we are pleased to announce we will support them all! And yes, this implies we now support FastCGI, using PHP-fpm 5.5 with Nginx for now. 

On the topic of Performance

Reason why we wanted to add support for newer versions of PHP, and more importantly MySQL/MariaDB, is the improved performance they deliver. While PHP 5.3 to 5.5 usually delivers around 1.2-1.4x improvement in speed and memory usage, because of the way we use SQL sub selects in the current backend for our API we have had a bit of a penalty on MySQL 5.1 which does not optimize sub selects. However this has been improved in MariaDB 5.5 and MySQL 5.6 resulting in theoretically improvements for use with eZ Publish 5.x, and even further improvements is done in MariaDB 10.0 so this will continue to improve when we add official support for that as well.

But when scratching on the topic of search performance, we will also have to discuss Solr.. But lets leave that for eZ International days, in the meantime please just start to use newer versions of Mysql/MariaDb, it's greener ;)


* Further details can be found in our documentation

For heads up on future platform support in 5.4 or beyond, also check out recent Pull request which drops PHP 5.3 in exchange for PHP 5.6 and first small steps towards supporting Facebook's HHVM engine.

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