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A peek into eZ Platform 15.07

Thursday 17 September 2015 8:58:17 pm

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After a vivifying eZ Summer Camp 2015, we are glad to announce the availability of eZ Platform 15.07. This fourth community release gets us closer to the first stable release, and things are speeding up.


On the eZ Platform side, we have a major addition: Solr can now be used by the Repository as a search engine. André covered this in his blog on Monday. This is the result of more than a year of work, including lots of gray hair, in particular for multilingual support. But we know that it will be worth the effort.

Along with enhancing what was there and fixing a bunch of bugs, the eZ Platform user interface kept us occupied the most.

Online editor toolbars integration

The Online Editor, that brings WYSIWYG for RichText fields, is Damien’s focus, with a promising Alloy Editor integration. Since the last community release, contextual toolbars were added for paragraphs and headings. The Online Editor epic is a good place to keep track of progress.

Improved content view

The Content View screen has also been improved. The details tab, which shows content and location metadata (creator, remote id, etc), has been implemented. Yannick is working on The Relation tab. The highly curious can go and help out (or ask embarrassing questions) on the pull-request.

Multilanguage interface enhancements

Tabs aside, language handling was improved drastically: you can now view existing translations and their content, but also add new translations and edit them. The next step will be languages switching during editing (ezsystems/PlatformUIBundle#310).

Roles and content types admin

We started developing the roles & policies interface. Roles can now be listed, viewed, removed and created. But there is still work to be done. The Sections admin has moved to its new home: ezsystems/repository-forms. The Content Type Group management UI is being finished by Jérôme (ezsystems/PlatformUIBundle#331).

Notifications, introduced in 15.05 have also improved. The server side admin pages, such as section and role management, can now send notifications that will be displayed by the Application. Those who’d like to reuse this feature for their own PlatformUI extensions can head over to ezsystems/PlatformUIBundle#260. In short, inject the notification service into your controller or service, and call the addNotification() method.

Location and ContentInfo search

Inside the Repository itself, Search was also improved. The public API was added a findContentInfo() method. Unlike findContent(), and like findLocation(), it can return the search results from the Solr response, without hitting the database. The performance gain can be very high when you don’t require the Fields.

The REST API Search resources, under /content/views, were moved to /views. The old resource is deprecated, but maintained for the time being. This makes room for the addition of Location Search, by means of a new version of the ViewInput media-type. Instead of a unique Query node, it distinguishes between ContentQuery and LocationQuery. If you POST to /views with a Content-Type: application/vnd.ez.api.ViewInput+xml header, the API will behave like it did before. If instead you useapplication/vnd.ez.api.ViewInput+xml; version=1.1, it will expect the new format. This change unblocks future performance improvements on PlatformUI (location tree), as well as new features (sub-items list). Support for ContentInfo will probably be added to REST in the near future as well.

Better behat coverage

To secure this fastening pace, the effort on Behat and continuous integration was intensified. As far as Platform UI is concerned, copying, moving and removing content, as well as the behaviour of the integer fieldtype, is now covered. For Platform itself, features were added that cover the behaviour of search in REST, as well as siteaccess matching in ezpublish/console. While this is being done, the framework of sentences and execution context is building up, and will make the next additions both easier and faster. You can have a look at the existing scenarii on Travis, for instance on ezsystems/ezplatform,

For more detailed info and links to the Stories, you can check out the 15.07 Release Notes.

Let's stay in touch !

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