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Changes: #1 Opening up, starting with this dev blog

Thursday 06 March 2014 1:44:17 pm

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eZ has changed a lot over the last year: management changes, slight product strategy update, new engineering office in Katowice, Poland, and not the least: technical changes! And we have been wanting to share more on such changes for a while. Why they happen, why we went such way and not another. This is what this blog is about. 


By sharing more, we mean opening up, being more transparent and aiming at working much more closely with our community. I’ll go into the latter in a future post in this series. In this blog you should expect timely posts on topics like: New, updated technical choices (testing tools, libraries, standards, compatibility with services…). Important, or funny, or risky pull requests we are working on. Technical introductions to new or work in progress features, tools, documentation resources, and potentially Summaries of work done in our development sprints.

Welcome to our new dedicated engineering blog. We hope you’ll like it !

Update: Engineers have already started to publish!  Read Bertrand's blog post on the eZ Publish 5 Fieltype.

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